What is Confidence and how to build it?


Confidence is very necessary to perform well in work as well to deal with daily situations in one’s personal lives. A confident person is well liked by an employer and also his co-workers as well as friends.

A confident person attracts the attention of the other person. People who are diffident like the company of confident persons as they feel they can help them through their problems. Also a confident person is in a better position to extend a helping hand.

What is confidence?
It is a quality in one’s personality whereby one is sure of oneself of delivering the goods and reaching targets. One feels self-assured and knows how to deal with a particular situation. He or she does not hesitate to resolve problems as he or she feels is in a better position to resolve the situation.

Over confidence is not good at the same time. Such an attitude can put off a person. Human beings do make mistakes. One must be prepared for it. One must not appear as know-it-all person.

How to build up confidence?

  • One must always be sure of the facts before making a statement or taking action.
  • One must be true to oneself. One must know one’s weaknesses and work on them.
  • Strong points must be highlighted and brought into focus.
  • One must be conscious of one’s body language. It must show signs of diffidence or nervousness. The way you carry yourself all matter.
  • Words also matter. What you convey by mouth also must show that you are a confident person. Words such as “I can’t do it” “It is difficult for me” all reflect low self-esteem.

A confident person goes places in his or her life. He or she is able to achieve much in life. Nothing appears difficult for him or her. He or she is in better position to help others.



  1. Developing self confidence is one of the keys to a successful career life. For people who lack self confidence, it is probable that they are unhappy of their life now because there is always hindrance to move forward. My question is – is there a quick way to overcome the lack of confidence?

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