Mental Alertness for Professionals


Mental alertness is very essential in our daily activities as well as carrying out our professional tasks. Any person who has good concentration and is sharp and alert excels in his or her duties. As one grows older, alertness comes down, but by maintaining good physical and mental health one can overcome alertness handicap. Even young people due to stress often forget things and their memory gets impaired. Whatever said and done a sharp mind is essential to survive in this competitive world.

Why Mental Alertness Declines?

  • Ageing process – As one grows older one finds it difficult to remember things. Comprehension levels come down and a person finds it difficult to learn new concepts.
  • Stress – Stressful working conditions and daily personal life stress can affect one’s performance levels as memory retention power gets affected.
  • Lack of adequate sleep – A restful sleep can do wonders for your memory. If one is tired due to lack of sleep, one tends to be forgetful the next day and finds it difficult to concentrate.
  • Anxiety – If one is anxious, one is unable to remember things.
  • Depression – This state of mind can also make one forgetful. One’s mind is clogged completely.

How to Improve Mental Alertness for Professionals?

  • Having a snack helps to improve blood sugar levels.
  • Avoid caffeine as it makes you nervous and reduces your attention levels. Too much coffee is not very good.
  • A walk in a quiet and serene place can rejuvenate your mind and think better.
  • Try to get a good night’s sleep. Listen to music or read a book before going to sleep.
  • Meditation helps. It relaxes the mind.
  • Yoga also is good.
  • One must relax a lot and not be under any pressure for too long.
  • Do some mental alertness exercises to improve it.
  • Eat right. A nutritious diet can help you maintain good physical health. Good physical health means good mental health.
  • One can go in for acupressure techniques to improve mental alertness.

We live in a competitive world. We need to be sharp and alert. Our mental faculties need to be in a proper shape. Our concentration levels need to be at their best.


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