Top 10 Negative Effects of Facebook on Teens

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Young teenagers spend a lot of time in browsing the network, particularly, the Facebook, as they find it the best form of communication mode. The most popular mode of networking is, undoubtedly, the Facebook apart from Twitter. It is fun to use Facebook and Twitter, but there are negative influences if one spends too much time on them.

Social media is becoming popular and even official communication is carried out on them as well as personal. Yet, over usage of any media does have its impact, both positive and negative.

Before observing the negative effects of Facebook, let us have cursory look at the positive effects of Facebook.

Positive effects of Facebook:

10 Negative effects of Facebook on Teens

It is but natural that Facebook can have a positive effect as well as negative effect. Definitely, one must be careful of the negative impact of Facebook.

No Comments – Parenting and Pregnancy Website by Women

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beingtheparent is a pregnancy and parenting advice online portal that caters to the needs, concerns, doubts, worries and anxieties of planning, expecting and parenting couples. The Google age has rendered all of us into a virtual world, and this website makes sure that when you want to know something, or share a piece of your heart – they are there. is your virtual partner, friend and guide when it comes to pregnancy and parenting.

From the day one decides to have a baby, a thousand thoughts cross the mind and this is where begins their journey with you. From helping to ease your doubts, give you tips, walk you through your pregnancy and then help you parent your baby into a socially responsible adult, they are with you as you move up the stages of pregnancy and parenting. From conception, difficult times, pregnancy, labor and birth, provides you relevant and effective information that will help you sail smoothly in your journey. Newborn rearing tips, toddler development, activities, positive parenting and special children sections will take you through almost every possible situation that you may have to deal with. Not only this, they cover unconventional subjects, and offer you a plethora of relevant advice. Their motivation is the millions of parents who are trying to make this world a better place by raising socially responsible adults.

The information present on is practical, comprehensive, and helpful, written in the simplest way that is easy to comprehend and relate. First hand experiences are being shared and discussed.

Is the information reliable?
All the website’s articles are written after exhaustive research and by professional writers. All articles that provide medical information, procedures and advice are written by experts. They discuss everything, when it comes to pregnancy and parenting, right from that pregnancy hiccup to labor fears, breastfeeds and diapers to manners and discipline, as they believe this journey is made of a zillion tiny steps. The circle is complete by these small dots, each unique and each imperative.

Each article is drafted in simple and clear language, and is reviewed by the editor of the website. The articles serve the purpose of information only; they do not encourage personal opinions, and do not publish prejudiced articles. The articles present a complete view of topics, enlisted with medical terms and procedures. However, before acting on any medical information, they strongly urge you to seek a doctor’s advice. Every baby has different needs, and unique; understand and respects this fact, and strictly advise you not to take any growth indicator as a fixed mark. comes handy for individuals struggling with pregnancy woes, baby cries, toddler tantrums and preschooler queries. Going through their articles, one can feel the connection as if someone has tried to pen all our experiences and apprehensions into words and weaving a broad online portal for people who seek information, advice and virtual space.

Parenting can be a gigantic task, daunting and sometimes even traumatizing. helps you find that rewarding factor, that subtly hidden satiation that parenting brings forth.

Happy Parenting!

No Comments – A Stock Market Trading Course Website Review

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tradonomix screenshotWe’ve all heard of traders and though their work may look risky or glamorous depending on the money they make, the truth is that it’s based on solid know how rather than plain guesswork. With the onslaught of online courses and information, choosing the right course becomes easier.

Who can become a stock market trader?
There is only so much that you can learn on your own. The best course of action is to take a course designed to take you through the basics and help you avoid the common mistakes. Tradonomix offers courses that are designed to educate anyone who wishes to gain proficiency and expertise in stock market trading and online share transactions.

Is it expensive to take an online course?
Great instructors do not come cheap. Think of the course as an investment – every rupee you put in helps you make better decisions and avoid losses. That being said Tradaonomix has kept the rates reasonable without compromising on quality with courses starting at just Rs 15000/-

How long is this course?
The Beginners levels last four weeks while the Intermediate and Advanced levels last six weeks. This is a small investment of time when compared to the leaps you’ll take in learning and mastering the subject.

Plus points of online courses offered by Tradaonomix

Benefits of taking a Tradonomix course:

If you’re serious about trading or if you just want to dabble in it for a while before you take the plunge, it’s best to take on the world of stock trading with a solid footing. And that is exactly what Tradonomix provides you.

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Top 50 Rules and Tips for Blog Writing

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Writing a BlogHow to select topics for a Blog?

How to plan content for a Blog?

Are there any Guidelines for Images Too?

What about Videos?

Some of the basic points you must not forget

Do let me know if I missed something or you have further points to add to the list.

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How does Work for Your Business

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grabon team

The attraction of huge number of consumer from coupon sites, such as, can be hard to resist for local businesses. By offering incredible discounts to the customers which are usually more than half of the original price, the coupon sites have the potential to leverage multifold of sales from both existing as well as new customers on a single day.

Having said that, you would be still doubtful if investing on such deal-of-the-day service provider site is a good idea?

There is no denying of the fact that online coupons are always a great deal for shoppers, as they can purchase under huge discounts along-with free shipping service, which they hardly find elsewhere.

Let’s look at the coupon sites from the perspective of merchants. With GrabOn availing a cut of 50% from each voucher, the total expenditure on earning those sales can be a staggering fact from a retailer’s standpoint.

But when these retailers start gaining attention from people of different regions pertaining to branding and huge sales, investing on such coupon sites then becomes quite nominal.

For instance, a start-up merchandise store plans to invest 1 crore on advertisement through TV and in return gets say 15% profit. But when the same company invests 25 lakhs on online promotions and gets the same percentage of profit then which one is a better option for branding?

Repeat Customers are key to Online Existence

This is one of the most crucial metrics to be considered. Retailers, who are doubtful in investing on coupon sites should understand the basic factor that strengthening customer loyalty is always a top priority for every small business owner. Once they are able to get new customers, they should then aim at retaining them by delivering the best possible services.

Coupon sites, which have managed to have their buyers redeem their vouchers are without doubt reliable and trustworthy. The traffic you get through such sites ensure are likely to use GrabOn coupon once again, thereby ensuring you having a repeated customer.

GrabOn uses some innovative yet proven marketing strategies to make sure it gives consistent business to the retailers.

Although the economical buyers are a favorite for the coupon sites, as they’re too cheap to pay full price and desperately grab a voucher instead, GrabOn does not rely upon these customers. As such customers can only sustain as long as they’re offered drastic discounts.

This particular coupon site also targets those audience who are obsessed with trying anything and buying anything, which is not available in their region. They treat such coupon sites as giant buffets, who offer them a myriad of options to choose from.

Apart from these types of customers, GrabOn also targets on coup-holics, who’re addicted to extreme couponing. Most of these shoppers are NRIs, who’re already acquainted with this trend. So, when they find an Indian coupon site dealing with discounts on their sought-after Desi items, they just try to grab every single deal that is offered.

While GrabOn for consumers is already a big win, it is equally promising for retailers both popular and start-ups alike.

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ITLandmark Launches their New Site to Woo their Esteemed Clients

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itlandmarkAlthough ITLandmark is not a new name, its website has been recently revamped to make it user-friendly and enabled with avant garde applications. We, at ITLandmark are pleased to announce the launch of ColdFusion website with an aim to make it a go-to place for the ColdFusion web services thereby helping our global audience as well.

The newly launched website is: and the blog is: This new design evinces the company’s mission to focus on customers for offering them instant support.

Enhancements in the new website include:
Advanced Navigation – Lets the Users find more information on ColdFusion and any other web development services.

Clean User Interface – Lets the user to get in more depth as they easily navigate the information.

New Features – Contact form, detailed descriptions of services offered, portfolio, social networking page and blog mentioning ongoing events, press releases and more.

ITLandmark is an expertise in offering services including website designing, development, SEO, online database development, e-commerce solutions, payment gateways integration, control management system, plus more.

We have been very serious about our unique role in ColdFusion hosting and, we remain committed to offer the most competitive ColdFusion hosting services.

The capability of ColdFusion to deliver new web applications is constant regardless of the operating systems. The choice of Linux or Windows comes into play when it is outside of ColdFusion only.

ColdFusion migration and upgrade services are very much required when your website is developed on ColdFusion. We help you upgrading your website with the latest running version.

The latest revisions of ColdFusion web services include improve in the platform speed, reworking on inefficient coding and patching security holes if any. This systemized improvement in the updated versions allows the consumers to adore the stable web application at various access points.

This improvement in the performance allows the customers to enjoy your website when using the ColdFusion applications. Time to time upgrading is very important. Any delay in the upgrading can give competitors a change and also the hackers a chance to hack.

Customers interested in knowing more about and our range of ColdFusion services can visit our website and blog as well mentioned above.

Check this website and the blog periodically for news about upgrades, special promotions or latest apps you have been looking to develop your website in any required platform.

No Comments – Flaunting Huge Range of Patterns and Designs

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rensupWith the advent of the online shopping, these days every other business, be it small or large, is seen keen on enhancing its online presence so as to bring in greater ROI. Even customers are also finding this medium quite convenient and cheaper as compared to the neighborhood physical stores. Due to this fast growing demand, most of the manufacturers are now bound to set-up a web store if they are serious about expanding their business.

If they are selling products then they try to popularize themselves through various reputed shopping websites or they try to open up their own shopping cart to attract more number of customers. Even industries like restoration hardware supplies are now seen being active in online trading. A popular name in the online hardware supply industry is the Renovator’s Supply. The company dates back to 1978 and has still managed to maintain its legacy.

Initially, it had opened up as a stark home decor company, but gradually it expanded its business into renovation supplies as well and today, it is a leading restoration hardware supply chain. It is a well-known web store, dealing with a wide range of accessories, such as kitchenware, bathroom accessories, door appliances, toilet tanks, fashionable sinks, elegant bathtubs and much more.

Not only the homeowners, but also various enterprises including popular restaurants, top notch hotels and vintage properties are looking up for its services. It has always maintained its quality and its products are always offered at the best market prices. Plus, one can even go for the on-going clearance bargains or can even avail special offers on selective items.

Besides, the company also charges reasonable shipping cost within the Continental U.S. The online shopping facility is greatly managed by this company, thereby always meeting customer’s expectations, which are evident through their testimonials. The products are delivered within 3-5 business days and the customers can always keep a track on their orders. They even deal with international orders, beyond U.S and Canada and the pricing differs accordingly.

The Renovator’s Supply manufactures its products, thereby always ensuring high-standard quality on all its products. Instead of going through various web stores, one can go through its wide range of options available on its website to understand the various types of patterns and designs available in the market.

Redefining Renovation Modus Operandi
These days, people do not mind spending lump sum of money in decorating their bathrooms. Although it’s strictly private zone, still people do not mind spending whopping sum in inducing all sorts of modern amenities and decors to their lavatories. Now the concept of restoring the entire bathroom has come to an end, moreover there are only trivial nuances that separate our bathrooms from the modern day fashionable ones.

Superb glossy tiles on the floor and walls, golden doors, maple wood furnishing, stylish furniture, exclusive bathroom accessory sets, vintage mirrors with some traditional art works etc. adhere together to make your washroom stand out in your neighborhood.Sometimes even a simple replacement of toilet tank, glass sink or adding a classic Victorian bathtub can even work wonders. The Renovator’s Supply is the ideal destination to fetch for your bearings.

This particular company offers all sorts of home decor accessories, so people, who are looking for an entire restoration process, should stop here to have a look at the wide range of supplies available over here. Plus, these products are available at the best market prices. If you sneak into their web store, you would realize the diversity in their items. Every category features several models and designs, thereby giving you ample options to choose from. You can select as per your requirement, budget and which design best suits your property.

Even the century old restaurants and hotels, which have been gracefully serving their guests and locals since their establishment, are also seen availing services from this web store to replace their enfeebled and outdated items; be it furnishing, furniture, and plumbing or bathroom accessories.

This company was established in 1978 basically as home decor supplies, but realizing the growing demand of renovation projects, it soon expanded its wing as a restoration hardware supplier. And today, it has become a one stop solution for people, enterprises and diners, who are looking to renovate their broken down properties into a cutting-edge, stylish set-up.

While the renovation task helps enterprises enhance their branding, people get satisfied by adding value to their mansions. The Renovator’s Supply has always stood by quality. And when its quality-oriented items blend with contemporary designs, they work wonders.

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What is Black Friday

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Black Friday is the day after the Thanksgiving day in the United States. Historically, the origin of the name can be traced back to the city of Philadelphia.It has been the busiest day in the American local markets since 2005 as many people indulge themselves in shopping. The day also marks the starting of the festive mood of the Christmas season.

The shops open at early hours owing to the intense business activities which last all along this day. Last year, a survey conducted by IBM found that there was a rise of 24.3 percent in sales on this Friday. This year the occasion is coming on November 23.

Facts on Black Friday

Undesirable Facets of this Friday

Conclusion: Much to the relief of the common public, Walmart and other big retailers started their black Friday holiday sales a day before it from last year. This year, they have decided to open the shops from 8 p.m. on Thursday, November 22.

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Mutual Screw – Successfully Maintaining 65 Years of Legacy

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In US, there are numerous stores where you could buy hardware items but when it comes to buy some rare screws or bolts for some old piece of furniture, you might have to search at numerous places to find the right one. With the advent of online shopping, the World Wide Web has opened doors to myriad web stores, such as the Mutual Screw, which can be easily accessed from any part of the world.

This particular company is already a household name in the US market and now gradually spreading its wings beyond the US territories through the Internet. This leading company came into existence in 1947 and is specialized in hardware components, fasteners and various other tools. Initially, it had focused only on the kitchenette and furniture industry within the New York region.

The moment they started to think beyond New York, their focus had entirely changed by then. The idea of manufacturing of fasteners was a real bold step, but they took a chance and the rest is history. The company is now a full-fledged hardware supply brand, which is also well-recognized globally through its strong online presence. Check out the website here –

The electric supply industry and lumber yards were also evenly added. This kind of piece by piece addition always contributed in enhancing the popularity of this organization. By 1980, they had to look for a bigger location to set-up a grand new building. They finally chose a place just 12 miles from the George Washington Bridge, where they could set-up a whopping 32,000 square foot warehouse.

By 90s this company already had a long list of esteemed partners and clientele. This was the era, when this company was literally ruling over the Electrical Supply Industry. By 2000, the company was already basking in glory. In 2004, the Mutual Screw had a major achievement, as it had acquired the Universal Fasteners Service and Supply, which was specialized in custom packaging, assortment kits and online sales.

By the end of the decade, the company had entered into the world of online marketing and today, it boasts off a popular web store, dealing with thousands of metal pieces and hardware equipment.

Using the standards of top-notch service, high quality materials and brilliant design, they have earned an international reputation for excellence in this particular field. Their strong hard wearing and top quality products have grown over the years of development and experience, only to add more and more feathers to their glory.

Today, this brand is run by a savvy team having 100 years of experience. The affordable pricing and high quality perhaps may be the key to their success.

No Comments – Not a Me too Website

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First it was “How was your weekend?” then it got a new avatar where the website was everything about “Plan, Promote & Broadcast Events” and now it is all about “Event Sponsorship”. All this happened in last 3 years. Well, let have some insight into what the website is all about.

In existing scenario, event owners primarily sell logo impressions on various media form to their sponsors. Different forms of sponsorship such as title, principal, associate etc are related with displaying logo impressions in different form of media including but not limited to hoardings, websites, paper ads, magazines, emails and recently SMSes. In return, sponsors get associated with the event and enhance their brand awareness among event audiences. However, with logo impressions as primary benefit, sponsors have been finding it difficult to measure some of the following:

The present launch of which is still in its Alpha Version is going to benefit both the event owners and sponsors in some of the following manners:

Well the website is not yet complete but it is nearing completion. I will be updating more about the website once it goes into beta.

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