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The attraction of huge number of consumer from coupon sites, such as, can be hard to resist for local businesses. By offering incredible discounts to the customers which are usually more than half of the original price, the coupon sites have the potential to leverage multifold of sales from both existing as well as new customers on a single day.

Having said that, you would be still doubtful if investing on such deal-of-the-day service provider site is a good idea?

There is no denying of the fact that online coupons are always a great deal for shoppers, as they can purchase under huge discounts along-with free shipping service, which they hardly find elsewhere.

Let’s look at the coupon sites from the perspective of merchants. With GrabOn availing a cut of 50% from each voucher, the total expenditure on earning those sales can be a staggering fact from a retailer’s standpoint.

But when these retailers start gaining attention from people of different regions pertaining to branding and huge sales, investing on such coupon sites then becomes quite nominal.

For instance, a start-up merchandise store plans to invest 1 crore on advertisement through TV and in return gets say 15% profit. But when the same company invests 25 lakhs on online promotions and gets the same percentage of profit then which one is a better option for branding?

Repeat Customers are key to Online Existence

This is one of the most crucial metrics to be considered. Retailers, who are doubtful in investing on coupon sites should understand the basic factor that strengthening customer loyalty is always a top priority for every small business owner. Once they are able to get new customers, they should then aim at retaining them by delivering the best possible services.

Coupon sites, which have managed to have their buyers redeem their vouchers are without doubt reliable and trustworthy. The traffic you get through such sites ensure are likely to use GrabOn coupon once again, thereby ensuring you having a repeated customer.

GrabOn uses some innovative yet proven marketing strategies to make sure it gives consistent business to the retailers.

Although the economical buyers are a favorite for the coupon sites, as they’re too cheap to pay full price and desperately grab a voucher instead, GrabOn does not rely upon these customers. As such customers can only sustain as long as they’re offered drastic discounts.

This particular coupon site also targets those audience who are obsessed with trying anything and buying anything, which is not available in their region. They treat such coupon sites as giant buffets, who offer them a myriad of options to choose from.

Apart from these types of customers, GrabOn also targets on coup-holics, who’re addicted to extreme couponing. Most of these shoppers are NRIs, who’re already acquainted with this trend. So, when they find an Indian coupon site dealing with discounts on their sought-after Desi items, they just try to grab every single deal that is offered.

While GrabOn for consumers is already a big win, it is equally promising for retailers both popular and start-ups alike.


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