How to Optimize your Title Tag/Element? – Seo Title Optimization


Title Element or Title Tag whichever way you call it – Title Tag is one of the most important element in optimization of a webpage. Title tag becomes even more important if you are optimizing the webpage for Google/Yahoo/Bing.

<title> Your title tag/Element </title>

Title tag is short 60-100 character ad copy of a webpage. You have to use title tag in order to sell your webpage to search engines and users where former is more important. Select the most important keyword phrases for your title tag where it explains the content of the webpage and brings traffic from search engines.

How many characters should be there in the title tag?
Believe me, this is one of the most common question asked in the SEO interviews (entry level :)). I would say that there is no limit to that. 60 – 70 characters is what you could mention as it is the number of characters Google displays in their search results. But, once again let me tell you that this is not the rule. However, the rule is that you should have a title which explains your webpage with collection of 2-3 most important keyword phrases.

How to write a title tag?
There are several ways in which one could write a title tag. One of the most popular of them is using pipe-sign. For example:

Primary Keyword | Secondary Keyword 1 | Secondary Keyword 2

I am personally not a very big fan of this method. The other methods seos follow are:

  1. Primary Keyword: Secondary Keyword 1, Secondary Keyword 2
  2. Primary Keyword < Secondary Keyword 1 , Secondary Keyword 2
  3. Primary Keyword, Secondary Keyword 1, Secondary Keyword 2
  4. Primary Keyword | Secondary Keyword 1 , Secondary Keyword 2
  5. Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword 1, Secondary Keyword 2
  6. Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword 1 – Secondary Keyword 2

My personal favorite is number 5 and 6. The most important factor which is often ignored while writing a title tag is that it should be clickable. The title tag should be designed while keeping click behavior of the users in mind.

How many keywords one could have?
In my opinion 2 keywords in title is great but 3 is doable and 4 is a no no..

Should I include brand name?
I think you should do that only if you are

Can I use same keyword twice?
Once again there is no rule for that. In my opinion only use if it is necessary. Remember, frame a title tag which is easy to read.

Do not forget to consider these points before you plan to start your title tag optimization:

  • Make your title tag easy to read
  • Stimulate a click or call for action.
  • Explain your webpage/content of your webpage with your title.
  • Do not ever keep it blank or ‘Untitled’.
  • Search engine would compare your title tags with the content of your webpage. Frame words that is relevant to the content of your webpage
  • Do not repeat the keywords.
  • Place your brand name at the end if necessary.
  • Avoid using one words and try to use longer phrases.
  • Be consistent in using the style for the tag.
  • Your title tag should be unique.


  1. I am new to this, Steven.

    Please educate me on the difference between “|” and “-” in this title tag post.

    Thanks so much!

    • There is not much of a difference between “|” and “-” when it comes to value it is adding in terms of optimization. Any of the 2 you use is going to be displayed in google search results(title). You have to figure out which is more readable and click able by users. My personal favorite is “- and ,” both together as and when required. “Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword 1, Secondary Keyword 2”

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