Generating Successful Online Lead


If you study the behavior pattern of the majority of high-tech marketers you will get to know that direct marketing is used as a great medium to generate leads and not sales. The marketing managers have realized that selling product is quite difficult through mails.

The success behind any lead generation program rests on the kind of offer you get for your business. Phrases like “For more information…” and “To learn more …” are a passé now. Provide something as an offer, anything like send gifts to reader? A brochure? A white paper? A demo disk? Even though you provide something as great as Windows, if they didn’t liked your offer, they won’t respond. So be specific in what you offer.

One of the simpler and better examples to write a marketing mail is mentioned below. The mail reads: “Complete the enclosed Office Copier Downtime Survey and receive a FREE GIFT …” This is a terrific example of effective, lead-generation direct marketing through e-mails.

Whatever the offer is don’t worry about whether it sells your product or not. In your marketing copy throw an offer that is related to an offer. Never say, “Increase your network performance by 100%. Instead say, “Our product increases network performance by 100%.” Instead, say, “Send for your free white paper and learn how to increase network performance by 100%.”

Plan your offer and address to the right problem of the people. Technical white papers are a treated as effective offers as they provide valuable information. Titles like “Moving to Windows NT: Development Challenges and How to Overcome Them,” “7 Key Steps to a Successful Data Warehouse,” and “High Availability Clustering: Next Generation Protection for Business-Critical Environments” work wonders as they bring you closer to the all those people who can benefit from your technology or services.

Upgrade the white papers related to your services and products also helps in increasing the production quality. Have clearly defined and unique company logo. Provide a brochure of information related to your company’s products and services. The value of the offer that your business provides is multiplied enough by the little touches. This has significant affects in the value of the offer – and ultimately the success of the campaign.

Add several stars to you to presentations by offering videotapes. Provide a CD-ROM or demo diskette, when dealing with a technical audience. Having a third party view on your web site like Press reviews, analyst reports, and success stories. It should speak well about the technology, services and products offered by you.


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