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Posted by on September 20, 2009 in Technology

Quinine For Sale, Google websites are no doubt, the most visited internet property worldwide. In Indian internet landscape too Google properties are far ahead than its nearest competitors, Quinine cost. Rx free Quinine, Now let's have a look at what data say:

Top 10 mobile websites in India (source: opera):

1. Google: Google.com
2, buy Quinine from mexico. Quinine samples, Google: orkut.com
3. songs.pk
4, Quinine For Sale. Yahoo: yahoo.com
5, discount Quinine. Quinine alternatives, facebook.com
6. wikipedia.org
7, where can i buy cheapest Quinine online. Quinine dose, Google: youtube.com
8. Quinine For Sale, my.opera.com
9. peperonity.com
10, cheap Quinine no rx. Quinine class, zedge.net

Top 10 websites in India (source: alexa):

1. Google India - Google.co.in
2, where can i find Quinine online. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Google - Google.com
3. Yahoo - yahoo.com
4, Quinine For Sale. Google - orkut.co.in
5, where can i cheapest Quinine online. Quinine used for, Facebook - facebook.com
6. Google - youtube.com
7, doses Quinine work. Quinine photos, Google - blogger.com
8. Quinine For Sale, Rediff - rediff.com
9. Wikipedia - wikipedia.org
10, buy Quinine no prescription. Quinine wiki, Indiatimes - indiatimes.com

Now if that was not enough then have a look at latest report on Comscore Website.

Below are some of the data(Comscore) which would make it very clear why Google is market leader in Indian internet space:

Search - Google Sites - 88.4%
Social Networking- Orkut - 68.2%
Maps - Google Maps - 63.9%
Photos - Picasa Network - 16.2%
Blogs - Blogger - 47.6%
Multimedia - YouTube - 82.8%
Email - Gmail - 46.8%

88.4% of all the internet searches conducted from India was on Google Sites, Quinine no prescription. Quinine long term, Social networking website orkut has a big share too (68.2 percent) and so has Google Maps (63.9 %) and YouTube (82.8 percent). Indians spend nearly half of their time for blogging and email on Google properties (Blogger & Gmail), where to buy Quinine. Where can i buy Quinine online,

Now that is called as market domination.
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