Good Bye New and Improved Sitemeter


First and foremost question – why I was using sitemeter?

Well, it was only because of its simplicity. Google analytics is also free and far superior then sitemeter but I never required that many details and charts. I just wanted to see the traffic stats for my site which is what old sitemeter provided me. Well not anymore…

Any of the reasons mentioned below might be true:

  • Get rid of as many accounts as possible as they might be in losses.
  • Bitten by web2.0 bug
  • They might have taken the decision to upgrade under heavy drugs. Any guesses (Cannabis, alcohol …)
  • They want to close down their site in near future.
  • Somebody they hired for upgrade is from rival company

I am using both premium and free service at sitemeter and I have to now find alternative for both. I am going to check and Any more alternatives…



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  2. Apparently they received so much negative feedback that they’re rolling back to old Sitemeter (check their blog). In the meantime, I’m also looking for a new alternative, so I might not go back to Sitemeter even after the rolling-back is done.

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