7 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job That Cannot be Ignored


A satisfaction survey conducted by the Conference Board discovered that more than half of all Americans (52.3%) are not happy with their jobs. Since touching 61.1% percent in 1985, the level of job satisfaction has been on a steady decline.

Signs Leave Job
Quitting your job is a gutsy move under the present economic conditions. But when you feel enough is enough, you know it’s time.

Quitting Your Job

Deciding to quit your job should not be a half-hearted decisions neither can it be a haphazard one. Sometimes quitting a job can be a result of sudden circumstances but in most cases, it is a decision pending.

Quitting your job can bring about various kinds of changes in your life. So it has to be both a necessary and timely decision.

Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

Quitting a job can be attributed to various conditions that you encounter during that particular job. But when do you know you want to quit?

Let us look at a few indicators that would help you know when it is best to quit a job.

  • If your job is having its toll on your health, both physical and mental, it’s time to start reconsidering your priorities. Job stress can cause illnesses like a migraine, insomnia, and anxiety. It is surely an indication that you are not happy with your job.
  • The values you adhere to are not being met. Every person has values that he/she idealizes upon. Once you know your job does not offer an opportunity to uphold them, it is better to rethink about continuing in the job.
  • If you feel that your job has become monotonous and does not offer you any challenges. There may be a stage where your creativity is hampered. It is better to switch tracks at this juncture.
  • You sense that there is no room for advancement within your company. No proper recognition, promotions, and rewards would mean the job you are in does not deserve you.
  • You feel you are being mistreated. You might feel your opinions are trivialized and your superiors are bossing you more than they are supposed to, it is better off quitting.
  • You get a better opportunity than the one you are in, it is always suggestible to take up the new offer.
  • Your colleagues notice that you are not what you used to be on the job. It is high time in such a case that you find a different job and quit the present one.

The Right Way to Quit

When you know you are ready to quit a job, let the concerned person know about this in advance.

  • Give at least a notice of two weeks before you quit.
  • Do not give any negative reasons for your resignation. But rather let it be precise like you have a much better opportunity waiting.
  • Bid adieu to your job in the best possible way.

Quitting your job without proper thinking and without analyzing your financial and family circumstances can be very risky. Assess all your limitations and strengths and quit at a time that best suits your needs.

Wrong Jobs Signs
There are signs that tell you are in the wrong job, most of you might be experiencing them. The most important thing for many individuals while studying is to gain a job as quickly as possible after they graduate.

But, after stuck in the job for many years (there could be several reasons for persisting with the same job) you begin to wonder if you were caught in the wrong job. Have you ever had such a feeling?

Signs That Tell You Are in the Wrong Job

For most of you, earning money is the only criterion that makes you keep a job. But, for many others, this could have been the case when they first started their job(maybe due to financial circumstances).

A few years into your job when you look back at yourself you will find that you have been making money but you missed out on job satisfaction.

Maybe you do not have the zeal anymore in the same job and you want to switch tracks. What are the signs that can help you notice this change? Let us look into them.

  • You will start looking forward to weekends right at the beginning of the week. On Sunday evenings you will a churn in your stomach, telling you not to be at work on Monday. You are not looking at a fresh week with a lot of interest.
  • You will find yourselves entering into arguments with your co-workers more frequently than usual. This might mean you are not getting along with your workers well or you are working in a very stressful environment. The stress could be your dissatisfaction with your job.
  • You will start getting headaches, infections and your temperatures begin to fluctuate. You begin to fall sick regularly.
  • You would be exhausting your sick leaves at a faster rate. Even a tiny personal issue and you would want to skip work.
  • Your work starts getting to you and you will begin to lose your calm. This would lead to sleepless nights.
  • You would turn up late to work. You’re not wanting to be at the job causes the delay.
  • You will be feeling all the time that you should be in a different place and the present place was not meant for you.
  • There might be situations where you could effectively break down, thinking you would never get out of this situation.

If you begin to notice any of these signs in you, these are the signs that tell you are in the wrong job. It is a high time in such a case you take the necessary steps to move into a job that you always wanted.


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