Risk taking Career for Women


Women are interested in a career these days. Apart from marriage, they also would like to pursue their ambitions. No doubt, it is difficult as they have to balance home and office, but nevertheless they are interested in work outside their homes. Bit the question is can they also take up risk oriented work Even though they may be pursing careers, but some job demand certain risks which men have always felt they can handle them.

Women and Risks at place of work
Women have had to fight their way to pursue their career interests. Men have always felt that women were not capable of handling certain professions. But this has been proven wrong. Women have taken up challenging assignments such as in the police, army etc. and have proved equal to men. There are no way less than men.

Women are given the “softer tasks”. In India, women pilots want to fly fighter jets. So far they have not been allowed because of their sex. But now opinion is tilting in their favor and although there are certain pregnancy restrictions, they are likely to be given the opportunity to work in this sphere of activity as well.

Risk taking jobs require a lot of energy, hard work, determination and the ability to withstand pressures. Since women have to take care of their household as well they have to put in extra effort to excel in their work. But they are willing to take up such assignments. They are not afraid of the unknown. Whatever may come they are willing to take the risks involved in their respective jobs.

Business women also have to take risky decisions. Sometimes their whole business depends upon the decisions they take. There are times they have to handle problems pertaining to labor. These also involve much risks as any hasty decision on their part can lead to lockouts and strikes or revolt by the labor.

Now women are involved with international affairs. Ms. Hillary Clinton in the United States represents their country in foreign affairs and has to deal with situations that have international repercussions. Ex-Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi had to run the country’s affairs skillfully as well as maintain cordial relations with other countries. Both the women are associated with risky jobs. Which require intelligence, hard work and dedicated efforts.

The modern woman is not afraid of taking risks at her workplace. She wants to be on par with men and enjoy the same benefits as he is enjoying. Women have definitely come a along way.


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