Can a Teenager Decide a Career for him or herself?


Adolescence is an age of revolt and rebellion against parental guidance and support. Many teenagers prefer to go on their own steam, rather than do as what their parents say. In the West, teenagers detest parental interference in their personal matters. In the East, of course, parents still have a say in the matters of their children.

Pursuing a career of their choice is very important for a teenager. After all, his or her entire life is dependent upon what he or she decides to do in his or her life. A life long avocation must provide satisfaction and remuneration. The teenager has to decide whether to take on a profession in which he or she can excel and gain monetarily as well.

Do teenagers require help in choosing a career?
Many teenagers, particularly in the West, prefer to decide upon their career on their own rather than seek parental guidance. They feel that they are old enough to know what is good for them. Also they like to take their own decisions and not rely on others. At school counselors are there to guide them and often peer pressure also influences their decision regarding career choice.

Advantages of teenagers deciding their own career

  • It makes them more independent.
  • They are responsible for their actions.
  • They are more aware of the pitfalls in a particular avocation.
  • They are prepared to face the consequences of a wrong choice in career matters rather than blame their elders.
  • They choose what they like the most.

Disadvantages of teenagers deciding career matters

  • Teenagers are immature.
  • They are impulsive.
  • Indecision can make them falter in their choice.
  • Rash decision.
  • Succumb to peer pressures.
  • Know in all types.

Teenagers some feel are too young to decide their own career matters. Parents particularly are very concerned about their affairs. On the other hand in this modern day and age, teenagers are revolting against too much parental interference and guidance.


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