Why Strategize to Win?


Strategize Win

Winning is a difficult proposition indeed. Everybody cannot be winner. He or she has to put in the requisite efforts in order to reach the finish line. One of course requires determination, will power and lot of enthusiasm to win the race or achieve the targets set. But that alone is not sufficient. One also has to strategize.

Most business ventures are based upon strategy. In fact, even athletes prepare their strategies in order to win the game. The leader of the team plans out what action a player must take. Every move is calculated. Performance of the athlete depends upon such strategic moves.

Even at the international level, respective governments prepare strategies to formulate their policies and accordingly act.

The purpose of strategy to win
Any venture one undertakes, one has to plan much ahead. Without planning one cannot achieve the requisite goals. For example, in business matters, the entrepreneur has to plan much ahead how he or she will utilize the resources, what kind of personnel to be employed and how to maximize profits with minimum investments. If one lacks in planning, one cannot achieve anything concrete.

Many business ventures lose out because they lack the skill to strategize properly. A good adviser can help the entrepreneur achieve maximum results. The adviser knows what are pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Advantages of strategy

  • Targets will be achieved.
  • Maximization of profits.
  • Realistic goals can be set up.
  • No wastage of money that is being invested.
  • Can win over opponents.
  • Will be able to cope up with stiff competition.
  • Better utilization of resources.

Disadvantages of strategy

  • Lack of flexibility at times.
  • Improper advice.
  • May not achieve set goals.
  • Strategy is often based upon speculation.
  • Risky and fluctuating market, which could mean that your strategy may not click.
  • Miscalculation.

Strategies are essential to follow a course of action. They lay out guidelines as well as plan action to attain results. Without out planning one cannot be successful in life as well.


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