Top 7 Ways of Winning over your Opponent


Opponents are there always in any field. One has to face up to the challenge. A person who can win over his or her opponents can be very successful in life. This is not so easy. It requires a certain kind of bent of mind, whereby you are able to assess what is in the mind of the opponent and accordingly act.

In any professional field or in a business one has to deal with opponents who are trying to outwit you. Every individual wants to be winner in his or her stride. Whatever one may undertake one would like to excel in it.

How to be the winner in game of outwitting?

  1. Adopt a strategy. The opponent is playing his or her own game. One needs to challenge this game of his or her by coming up with a better strategy that can nullify the opponent’s moves.
  2. Never underestimate the opponent. Many a time you are overconfident and sure of yourself. This can end up in fiasco as the opponent may be smarter than you thought.
  3. Gauge the mind of the opponent. Know what he or she is up to. It is good to gather information about his or her activities and moves.
  4. Be consistent in your efforts. Any sign of taking it easy would mean your opponent will have an upper hand over you.
  5. Be alert. One must be aware of what the opponent is up to. Never take the opponent for granted. He or she is always trying to find ways to defeat you.
  6. Be confident. The feeling that you will be the winner come what may, will make challenges much easier to face.
  7. Do not let the opponent know your weaknesses. He or she will take advantage of you. In fact, you must try to overcome your weaknesses in order to win.

To win a game or be a winner in a given situation, one must be able to challenge the opponent with full vigor. The strategy should be to defeat your opponent at any cost.


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