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minimalist love - minimalist wordpress theme

minimalist-lovAfter a long time I am launching a free wordpress theme – Minimalist Love. This is a widget ready WordPress 2.7.1 compatible wordpress theme that does not uses any images. The primary features of this theme are:

  • Widget ready
  • Threaded Comments
  • Comment Navigation
  • Tag Support
  • Minimalist design – No Images
  • No XHTML and Css errors

Feel free to give your feedback. I will be happy to make changes if you come across any errors.

Threaded comments:

wordpress threaded comments

You have to enable threaded comments feature from your admin via Settings – Discussion (Other comment settings).

Demo: Here
Download: Here



  1. Hey, I just wanted to say great theme! I have noticed one issue though. If you view a page where comments are closed, the sidebar drops below the content of the page. Any idea how to fix?


    • Yes, it was just a missing div. I have updated the theme. Please download it now and I am sure the problem will go.

      • I found that last night when making some changes to the theme. I also wanted to point out that because you are defining type=comment in the comments call the number of comments that show can be different from the number that is displayed (IE: 4 Comments but only 2 actual comments show up). So it is counting the trackbacks and displaying the total number in the count but the comments aren’t showing them.

        For anyone else using the theme that wants to change this take out type=comment& from comments.php

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  4. In the archive section it would be nice if it had the date instead of the time a post was added even both would be nice.

  5. Hi Paggu,

    Great theme. And it’s so nice to have one that is xhtml and css compliant being that I’m not much of a programmer.


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