Top 15 Decision Making Techniques


Several decisions have to be taken while doing business; some on the spur of the moment, some perhaps after long deliberations. Nevertheless, decisions cannot be avoided. Entrepreneurs need to have the knack to take the correct decisions. Often one cannot consult or have the time to do so. Independent decision-making is required.

Decisions are important to carry out daily tasks as well as professional tasks. A decisive person is very successful in life. He or she is able to reach set goals. A weak decision can be a disaster. A person who vacillates while taking decisions and is not firm about them cannot be a successful businessman or woman.

Decision Making Techniques:

  1. Workout the basic details before taking a decision.
  2. Get your facts correctly before finalizing a decision.
  3. Try to take your decisions independently if required. At times you may have to consult somebody.
  4. One must weigh the pros and cons of a given situation.
  5. Avoid being rash in your decisions. Sometimes it is better to think it over, or seek somebody else’s opinion.
  6. Be sure and confident about your decision. You must not doubt them.
  7. One must be sure of the course of the action that one is following.
  8. Brainstorming session helps before taking a decision.
  9. One must never regret one’s decision.
  10. Clarity in assessing a situation is essential before taking a decision.
  11. Avoid impaired judgment.
  12. Effective implementation is essential.
  13. One must not hesitate while taking a decision. It indicates one is not sure of things.
  14. Know what you want. There is no point in taking a decision about something you yourself are not very familiar with.
  15. Be cautious while taking major decisions, particularly pertaining to business.

Decision-making comes naturally to some. They are confident in taking them. Others hesitate and vacillate and are unable to take firm decisions.


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