What makes Business Successful?


Business men have a tough time making a go of their business. They have to put in much effort to make a success of their business venture. Merely having money to invest is not sufficient. It requires certain bent of mind, attitude and approach to ensure that they do not fail to deliver the goods.

Several business men man all over the world have been successful in their ventures. Well-known commercial enterprises such as Chrsyler, Ford, Tata in India have gone ahead in their venture due to certain business approaches that they adopted while carrying out their business. A cursory glance on how to make a success of a business venture will help.

  1. Strategies – One must strategize. One must follow a plan of action. By observing others’ approaches, one can formulate a course of action to follow.
  2. Finance – One must have sufficient finance on hand to invest. Leaving a project midway through is not good. One must ensure that there is no interruption of flow of investment from either investors or banking institutions.
  3. Technology – One must use the latest technology that is available in the market. The use of sophisticated technology will help increase business. By attending various fairs and exhibitions one can familiarize with latest technological inventions available for production purposes in various spheres of activity.
  4. Publicity – Business men must have access to media to publicize their venture. Media plays an important role in highlighting the success of a venture. It informs the public about the progress made by the venture. Good relations have to be maintained or else the media personnel can create a bad image of the venture. The world’s smallest car Nano was much publicized by the media on account of its political controversies.
  5. Goal – Goal setting is essential. One must have a target to reach. Realistic targets must be set.
  6. Keep the cost to the minimum – Wasteful expenditure must be avoided. One must cut down on unnecessary costs to maximize profits.
  7. Positive labor relations – One has to ensure that the labor working for the venture is satisfied with the terms and conditions of the working environment. The owner has to maintain cordial relations with his or her labor force.

Starting a business and making a success of it is not all that easy. One must be judicious in one’s approach and have set targets to reach.


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