10 Essentials of Guerrilla Marketing for Entrepreneurs


Guerrilla marketing is of much benefit to companies as well as entrepreneurs as it attracts, time and energy as well as imagination rather than money. This type of marketing is interactive, unexpected and unconventional. It basically refers to unconventional ideas concerning marketing in order to get maximum returns at minimum cost. It is more of a PR stunt.

Essentials of Guerrilla Marketing

  1. Commitment – One must realize that mediocre marketing program accompanied with commitment will prove to be a better proposition as compared to extra ordinary marketing program which has no commitment. Commitment obviously culminates in results.
  2. Consistent – In case you happen to keep changing your marketing, identity and media too frequently than you lose out on trust. One must remain consistent in order for people to repose trust in you. Repetition and restrain are important aspects of guerrilla marketing.
  3. Investment – The right kind of investment must be done. Investment cannot be treated as expenditure.
  4. Patience – The marketing person has to be very patient in order for others to repose trust in him. He or she will be able to be committed as well.
  5. Assortment – Various types of marketing tools must be used in order to get results through guerrilla marketing.
  6. Cooperation – A person following guerrilla marketing must not compete with other businesses but cooperate with them.
  7. Involvement – The marketing person must have relationship with his or customer. There should be mutual respect for each other.
  8. Measurement – One has to measure the results, then only one will know what one has achieved.
  9. Augment – Promote you activities both online and offline.
  10. Implementation – One must implement the guerilla concepts in order to attain results.

Guerrilla marketing is worth a try. Any entrepreneur wants to be successful and naturally these guerrilla techniques will provide tremendous results in terms of better output.


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