Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Blogging


Automated blogging involves setting up a blog account and enabling the content of the blog page to be updated automatically. This system of blogging has become very popular especially among bloggers who have busy schedules. This is because bloggers can simply activate automated blogging and input the keyword they want to be related to their blog page and watch as the blog content is updated every day. This is actually one of the biggest advantages of automated blogging. It allows bloggers to identify the content they want included in their blogs and the system simply updates it. Bloggers can set the system to update the blog as many or as few times as they please. This therefore means that bloggers can upload as many articles as they want in a day and therefore create more activity on their blogs.

Other advantages associated with automated blogging include the fact that bloggers can start up as many topics as they want and they never have to update them. They get to create target blogs without writing any content. Many bloggers like the system because it generates them traffic and therefore income while they engage in other activities. Automated blogging also builds blog pages PageRank as the pages always have updated content.

Automated blogging also has several drawbacks, the most common one being that the blog page does not get unique content. Auto blogging takes content from other sites and therefore completely eliminates the chance of originality and creativity. However, the system allows bloggers to edit the content and try to make their blogs unique. Based on the number of blogs that have been updated, this task may be just as daunting as creating original content from scratch. This therefore means that readers will not be attracted to the blogs and they will not leave comments or attract subscriptions.

Another drawback associated with automated blogging is useless content. Since the content is updated based on some keywords provided, the content actually uploaded on the blog pages may be completely irrelevant to what readers are looking for and will therefore not help them in any way. Another disadvantage of using automated blogging systems is that bloggers run a risk of infringing copyright when RSS feeds do not have permission to copy content. This can cause legal repercussions. Most bloggers are banned from advertisement networks when they are found to be copying content from other pages. This causes them to lose revenue and also a chance of losing their hosting.

In addition to that, it creates a bad reputation for the blogger when other bloggers shame their actions on the internet and therefore make work for them very difficult. Google also identifies blogs that contain duplicate content and ensures that they are not recognized. This means that they will never appear on search results and therefore will get very little exposure to visitors. Although some people have had positive responses from using automated blogging, search engines are not very particular about them as they require bloggers to offer content that will help readers and give them what they are looking for to solve their problems.


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