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Way2sms Registration:
First I tried to enter way2sms.com but got a ad. DISTRACTING. The process:

Way2sms Review

Home page is messed up. I had to spend some time to find register button (which is quite big but not placed properly). The calendar for “Date Of Birth” was not working. On registering I got the message “Thank You for registering with us. Password will be sent to your mobile shortly..”. Half hour passed and still no sign of any confirmation sms.

Another funny message on the confirmation page:

“Click here or go to Home page click on “password not received link”. Where to click… :). Ok after half hour of not receiving password, I tried the link but did not receive the password till now. 15 minutes have passed. I lost my patience. I will try to register again or try to recover password tomorrow and post an update.

I got confirmation SMS with password after 2 days. Well, not bad as I thought they missed me. Immediately after signing in I tried sending a sms to me. Well, here they were quick as I received the sms immediately. In their website they claimed “Message delivery in less than 15 sec” but I got it within 10 seconds.

Way2sms allows one to send sms of 110 characters. The other 50 characters allowed in a sms are utilized for sending Advertisement or Mobitisement. I am sure people will not have any problem with this as far as it is free. One could also send sms from their wap site by going to wap.way2sms.com.

Once you signup for way2sms you can:

  • Send SMS
  • Send Group SMS
  • Create/Manage Address book
  • View sent sms
  • Download free games, mp3 ringtones, play games, and ….. Rest is not at all related to sending free sms

My suggestion as a user to the website:

  • Put ads on the website as it is required but do not over do it. The popups and popins really suck.
  • Do not advertise on the landing page of the website.
  • Build and offer products around sending free sms only. Do not offer people stuff which will distract them. Innovation my friend…
  • Keep away from extra stuff like ringtones, games etc..
  • Hire a good web2.0 interface designer as the whole design is really bad.
  • Use bigger fonts.

Way2sms send sms page:

way2sms send sms page

Website: way2sms



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  2. Way2sms.com is misusing the our no. to the marketing purpose and the mobile operators are warning to block the no. it is a serious misuse of our no.and also which is very dangerous,so be careful.

  3. “krishna” I am of the opinion that way2sms is selling our numbers to advertisers. Once I joined way2sms, I have started getting all bull shit types of sms marketing messages. I think 160by2.com is way better then way2sms as they too are providing 140 character sms now.

  4. please anybody tell me…

    1. Is way2sms is totaly free?
    2. Is there any misuse of phone involved?
    3. is it safe for cell phone?

    Please reply..!

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