Way2sms – Says, Never Leave our Website


Long back I registered for way2sms.com to send free sms in India. I wrote a very short website review too for it but never used it again.

Today I visited it once again and to my surprise it is completely changed. This website was supposed to be meant to send free sms to India. I was surprised to see that it is offering everything under the sun now.

The free sms services are buried way down on the page. A very small percentage of people actually go down on the page towards footer.

Keeping the features/services and other important information pertaining to the website in the bottom of the page shows that these people do not want much registrations from web. They just want to cash on their existing user base.

Instead of concentrating on the core services way2sms is now offering data about latest news, cricket news, movie news (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada), online games, radio, stock market updates, mp3 downloads and …

The home page of the website looks more like a blog design. Well, the strategy might be justified by the fact that free sms business has to incur huge costs and to survive you have to generate revenues but at what cost. It is on the way2sms people to decide.

Icing on the cake: On top of the page I saw an ad of mginger (one of their competitor). Dear, there is a competitor filter in google adsense.



  1. Hey Paggu Bhayya,

    You are writing like a kid. You need to improve your analytical skill.
    You have long way to go.Learn the art of analyzing the utility/service/product.

    You have to know one thing, google advertises for yahoo and microsoft. That shows the courage and confidence of google on their services.

    • Hey Manish,

      This is what I think according to the knowledge I have. Anyways, I would try to improve my analytical skills in the future.. Peace…..

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