Tudiabetes.com Review – Community of People suffering from Diabetes


tudiabetes reviewTudiabetes.com – There are large number of websites and forums on the Internet but few of them talk about single disease. Tudiabetes.com as it names and description “A community for people touched by Diabetes” suggests it is complete website for diabetes patients. The website serves as platform for diabetes patients and allows them to share their problems, remedies and experiences. The website act as social networking website and helps all diabetic patients communicate with each other. The website offers services like events, forums, blogs, videos, chatting and group. You can make friends and can be benefited from some ones experiences.

If you have any queries regarding diabetes this website answers it all, Discussion forums are provided wherein you can put your questions and see thousands of answers pouring in. This website also provides your own space where you can share your personal pictures, videos and also chat with people from all across the world. It also provides you with programs like ” word in your hand” which basically focuses on empowering the people touched with diabetes to express themselves to the world . The website also provides medicines for diabetics. Just login to this website and get your membership done and avail 5% to 10% discount on syringes, medicine and lancets. You can also enjoy free shipping on orders over $100, the money you pay goes directly to diabetes fund.

The website is of the genre infotainment as entertainment and education go hand in hand. The forums and blog posts are very informative. Forums allow you to ask any question and there are thousand of users to answer your question. There are several informative videos which you can find on homepage. I encourage you to check this website and get information regarding diabetes.

Website: Tudiabetes.com
Comptetion: None
Founder: Manny Hernandez


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