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tradonomix screenshotWe’ve all heard of traders and though their work may look risky or glamorous depending on the money they make, the truth is that it’s based on solid know how rather than plain guesswork. With the onslaught of online courses and information, choosing the right course becomes easier.

Who can become a stock market trader?
There is only so much that you can learn on your own. The best course of action is to take a course designed to take you through the basics and help you avoid the common mistakes. Tradonomix offers courses that are designed to educate anyone who wishes to gain proficiency and expertise in stock market trading and online share transactions.

Is it expensive to take an online course?
Great instructors do not come cheap. Think of the course as an investment – every rupee you put in helps you make better decisions and avoid losses. That being said Tradaonomix has kept the rates reasonable without compromising on quality with courses starting at just Rs 15000/-

How long is this course?
The Beginners levels last four weeks while the Intermediate and Advanced levels last six weeks. This is a small investment of time when compared to the leaps you’ll take in learning and mastering the subject.

Plus points of online courses offered by Tradaonomix

  • The step by step integrated course structure makes online trading education extremely approachable and easy
  • Course is designed on three levels – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced courses to suit the knowledge level of the student. Beginners level – Ideal for beginners and novices who want to learn the basics and fundamentals of stock market trading in India. Intermediate and Advanced level s – Offer advanced and customized online classes that provide a deeper insight into the various trading techniques, strategy planning and trend analysis
  • Instructors – The skilled coaches have years of experience in the world of trading and are perfect to guide you through it. The coaches talk to you about the psychology behind trading, money management tactics and highlight the common mistakes that you could make
  • Online trading webinars – Tradonomix offers webinars in the form of discussions, presentations and online training sessions which are aimed to impart a profound knowledge in the world of trading and stock market transactions. The webinars include discussions, presentations by the masters and leaders in the trading industry

Benefits of taking a Tradonomix course:

  • Webinars organized every month that cover a wide range of trading topics such as trading analysis, planning to trade, keys to achieve success in trade market, trading methodologies, trading fundamentals and more
  • Trading Room, an online chat room where you can interact with experienced chart readers while you learn to apply various trading methodologies in real time
  • Access to the knowledge bank which consists of articles, insights and analysis created and constantly being updated by experts within and outside Tradonomix

If you’re serious about trading or if you just want to dabble in it for a while before you take the plunge, it’s best to take on the world of stock trading with a solid footing. And that is exactly what Tradonomix provides you.


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