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rentometerpro – Though recession has affected the housing industry but still there are lots of people wandering to buy homes. The housing business is now online and there are many numbers of websites helping people to buy their dream home. is one among those websites and it help you in buying, selling and renting any property. The website provides a number of services which includes property management services, advertise vacancies and have a connection with your tenant. This website helps you save lot of time and problems regarding rental market pricing. The website also guides you about the rental prices at all the areas and all the details are just a click away.

The website offers free membership and allows you to find and buy a house around the world. Apart from that website also presents number of features and one among them is Online Rent payment system. This system is especially for people who live far away from the place where they have the property. This system send bill to your tenant, collect money from them and deposit in your bank account. They charge $5 a month per unit but free you from worry of collecting and depositing cheques. Apart from that the website has many features like advertising, property dashboards, payment details, income and expense and tenants address book. All the details are stored on the database reducing the paper work.

You can advertise your house that is to be rented or occupied for lease staying anywhere in the world. This website also provides you a 14 day free trial for their services. This website makes your search easier and helps you to make and receive payments safely at low cost. So, own a house anywhere and make and receive payments in just one click .Enjoying owning home anywhere tension free.

Company: Investment Instruments Corporation
Founder: Allison Atisknoudas (2006)

Investment Instruments Corp. is the provider of the Rentomatic and Rentometer property management tools. It helps you see how much you’re paying for rent as compared to your neighbors.


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