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Editgrid.com offers online spreadsheets solutions.
You can create, edit, modify and share spreadsheets which can be accessed by any user. EditGrid tries to compete with Google spreadsheet and they may succeed as they offer cool features like sharing, real time editing and online storage. The website was released in 2006 and is now available in six languages. The website is absolutely free and all you need is to sign up for an account. With a free account you can create, edit or download spreadsheet templates to your computer. This website works well for the users who work at different places as using this they can store all their data at internet and can access it from anywhere.

EditGrid.com has really worked hard in making this website and has included over 550 build in functions in the spreadsheet. You can also create your own formulas for calculation. Apart from that you can format your spreadsheet by changing text colors and background colors. You can save your spreadsheets online or download them to your hard disk. The downloaded spreadsheets are compatible with Microsoft Excel and hence can be edited on your computer too. The website automatically updates data like currency rate and stock prices in your spreadsheets. The website also offers you large number of personal and business templates which can be used to give astonishing look to your website. You can add objects like calendars and maps in to your spreadsheet.

EditGrid iPhone Edition was launched at the Office 2.0 Conference in September 2007. EditGrid launched its JavaScript Macro support in September 2008. Editgrid is available in English, Japanese, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Features of Editgrid Spreadsheets:

  • One could create their own formulas to perform calculations for the data on spreadsheets.
  • More the 550 built in functions.
  • Formating options similar to Microsoft excel.
  • Remote Data function could retrieve live data on the web.
  • My Data Format (MDF) allows users to customize the output format using XSLT.
  • Accessed from third-party websites.

The website is beneficial as it offers online making and sharing of spreadsheets. It also allows you to create graphs and pie charts in your spreadsheets. The website user interface is bit slow and it takes lot of time to load but overall a great service that is free for personal users and a subscription based service for organizations.

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Website: www.editgrid.com
Competition: Google Spreadsheets, Zoho Sheet
Company: Team and Concepts – Hong Kong
Founder: David Lee and partners (2003)
Funding: A funding from WI Harper

Editgrid.com offers online spreadsheets solutions. You can create, edit, modify and share spreadsheets which can be accessed by any user.


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