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Gone are the days when we had a family physician that knew our health history and was available to us any time of the day or night. These days, however, chances are that if you had pain in your hand you would run to a neurologist or consult a cardiologist for pain in the chest. Either way, there is no clarity on what the problem is, unless of course, the physician determines the cause and makes the necessary referral to a specialist, should the need arise.

The Product – Suraksha Health Card

DesiMD doctors laid the foundation for the creation of a family physician, who is available online and on phone for teleconsultation. Any one suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or a kidney disorder, or for that matter even a healthy person, can subscribe to a Suraksha Health Card from

The card holder can access the doctor anytime of the day from anywhere, even while traveling, in case he/she has a medical complaint or is suspicious about some health disorder. Just a phone call will do. If the problem is minor, the doctor will recommend the appropriate medication via a text message over the phone. If the problem requires a further referral to a specialist, the doctor guides the patient to the concerned specialist at a nearby hospital. If there is a requirement for some diagnostic tests, the doctor advises the patient accordingly. All the test reports are safely and securely kept online with the doctor.

Even if the patient prefers to go to a particular doctor of his choice,the DesiMD doctor cooperates with the patient and shares the medical records with the preferred doctor for proper diagnosis of the problem. The patient also can access his/her own records online. If the patient is traveling and suddenly experiences some discomfort, the person can reach out to the DesiMD doctor immediately over the phone and seek advice. DesiMD doctor will guide the patient to a particular hospital/doctor in that location for immediate check-up.

This way the patient can avoid wasting valuable time locating a doctor or a hospital and waiting in a queue. If the problem is minor, the patient can remain in the same location and get the required treatment from the DesiMD doctor on the phone itself. Additionally, if the patient has already seen a doctor and wants a second opinion, the patient can reach out to DesiMD physician for his opinion or get referred to another doctor as advised.

DesiMD has a vast network of hospitals and specialists across 500+ cities, 750+ hospitals and over 600 doctors, to make it convenient for the patient.

Active Health Management (AHM) through Suraksha Card

AHM aims at improving quality, equity, and affordability of healthcare for the common man. All-year round the patient has complete access to the doctor anytime of the day. In fact, the doctor himself reaches out to the patient every month and monitors the patient continuously. This kind of continuous monitoring of the patient is done by DesiMD physician. The physician assesses the patient from a 360 degree approach. In case the patient has to go for certain tests on a particular day, the doctor makes sure he calls the patient and reminds him of the tests to be done and guides him before going for tests on any precautions to be taken.

Once the patient returns from the tests the DesiMD physician will follow up and make sure those records are put online safely for future reference, and ensure the treatment gets done. DesiMD calls this active health management, where the doctor continuously follows up with the patient and ensures that the required treatment is done on time. These are a few benefits of the Suraksha Card.

DesiMD Healthcare also offers other services like –

  • Booking an Appointment of a Doctor
  • Enabling Health-Checkup through its wide network of Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers
  • Help with booking a Home Nurse for elderly people at home or physically handicapped
  • Ask a Doctor Service online (Free)
  • Also provides Corporate Wellness Services through Health Camps and Health Information

Future Plans

The company plans to serve an annual 120,000 active subscribers for online medical advisory and referrals by the end of the year, besides growing its medical services ecosystem to cover 360 hospitals during the period.


Imagine having a trusted family physician that’s privy to your medical history and with all of 24-hour access, thanks to DesiMD, a premier online healthcare organization. DesiMD is the brainchild of a trio of NRI doctors comprising of Dr. Ajay Tripuraneni, Cardiologist and CEO, Dr. Rakesh Surapaneni, Oncologist and COO and Dr. Satish Potluri, Physician and CMO – all (including the board members), registered members of the Medical Council of India and the American Telemedicine Association.

DesiMD, the only Indian Telemedicine Company was selected for the prestigious Telemedicine Investor and Strategic Summit to showcase its work and open itself to Venture Capital funding at Los Angeles in the first week of May 2015. The American Telemedicine Association is the leading international resource and advocate promoting the use of advanced remote medical technologies.


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