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0 – Internet is growing at fast pace and along with the number of blogs. Blogs are of many uses, they help you to share your thoughts, ideas, experiences and moreover they help you to earn money. Blogging is all about sharing your thoughts and there are bookmarking websites like, twitter, orkut, facebook, which help you to reach your target audience. is McLean, Virginia based company and it provides widgets which are used by advertisers all over the world. They provide bookmarking widget LaunchPad for you blog through which you can ask your readers to share your content with world.

The LaunchPad can bookmark your content to over 80 websites and list contains all famous bookmarking websites like AOL, ASK, Blogger, Twitter, yahoo, Squidoo and many more. The bookmarking really affect your traffic and redirects a large amount of traffic to your website. Your users need not to copy paste any complex HTML code and they can directly share your content just by clicking icon. By this easy way, users will tend to bookmark your site and you will get higher traffic. The widget can be installed on page or as a widget on your blog. The widget is customizable and you can choose your bookmarks and colors.

The best thing about this widget is you can get report of your daily bookmarks. This will help you to keep track of all your readers and bookmarks. Just sign up, customize your widget and load it at your webpage. Experience the world of sharing with,

Widget Ad Network(December 2007): Advertise withing widget and across widget
Snaggable Ads(December 2007): Widgets served as standard IAB banner ads.
Launchpad(October 30, 2007): Viral distribution of content

Traffic Analytics

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clearspring traffic quantcast

Competetion: AppPad, Gigya, MuseStorm, LabPixies
Founder: Hooman Radfar, Austin Fath (2005)
Funding: $36 million (Novak Biddle Venture Partners, Joel P. Adams, Miles R. Gilburne, Steve Case, Mark Jung, Ted Leonsis, Bobby Yazdani)


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