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beingtheparent is a pregnancy and parenting advice online portal that caters to the needs, concerns, doubts, worries and anxieties of planning, expecting and parenting couples. The Google age has rendered all of us into a virtual world, and this website makes sure that when you want to know something, or share a piece of your heart – they are there. is your virtual partner, friend and guide when it comes to pregnancy and parenting.


From the day one decides to have a baby, a thousand thoughts cross the mind and this is where begins their journey with you. From helping to ease your doubts, give you tips, walk you through your pregnancy and then help you parent your baby into a socially responsible adult, they are with you as you move up the stages of pregnancy and parenting. From conception, difficult times, pregnancy, labor and birth, provides you relevant and effective information that will help you sail smoothly in your journey. Newborn rearing tips, toddler development, activities, positive parenting and special children sections will take you through almost every possible situation that you may have to deal with. Not only this, they cover unconventional subjects, and offer you a plethora of relevant advice. Their motivation is the millions of parents who are trying to make this world a better place by raising socially responsible adults.

The information present on is practical, comprehensive, and helpful, written in the simplest way that is easy to comprehend and relate. First hand experiences are being shared and discussed.

Is the information reliable?

All the website’s articles are written after exhaustive research and by professional writers. All articles that provide medical information, procedures and advice are written by experts. They discuss everything, when it comes to pregnancy and parenting, right from that pregnancy hiccup to labor fears, breastfeeds and diapers to manners and discipline, as they believe this journey is made of a zillion tiny steps. The circle is complete by these small dots, each unique and each imperative.

Each article is drafted in simple and clear language, and is reviewed by the editor of the website. The articles serve the purpose of information only; they do not encourage personal opinions, and do not publish prejudiced articles. The articles present a complete view of topics, enlisted with medical terms and procedures. However, before acting on any medical information, they strongly urge you to seek a doctor’s advice. Every baby has different needs, and unique; understand and respects this fact, and strictly advise you not to take any growth indicator as a fixed mark. comes handy for individuals struggling with pregnancy woes, baby cries, toddler tantrums and preschooler queries. Going through their articles, one can feel the connection as if someone has tried to pen all our experiences and apprehensions into words and weaving a broad online portal for people who seek information, advice and virtual space.

Parenting can be a gigantic task, daunting and sometimes even traumatizing. helps you find that rewarding factor, that subtly hidden satiation that parenting brings forth.

Happy Parenting!


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