What are Hilltop, Florida and Big Daddy updates in Google Algorithm?


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Hilltop Google Algorithm Update:
These are algorithms that are used by Google. Hilltop involves creating ways where search engines can use professional content to ensure calculate the relevance of content to a site. This professional paper is referred to as an expert document and it links to many different sources that have related content but is not affiliated to any of them. This algorithm also uses titles, page titles and headings when calculating the relevance of content to the page. According to this system, the title page and title heading add more value to documents than external or internal links. Although Hilltop and PageRank work in almost the same ways, Hilltop calculates based on context and the topic and is therefore harder to influence as it is with links. Hilltop is also much cheaper to use and calculates results faster while yielding much broader and accurate results. If the number of expert or professional sites is limited, Google automatically turns off Hilltop algorithm.

Florida Google Algorithm Update:
The Florida algorithm is also referred to as Florida Google Dance. It was implemented in November of 2003 and was responsible for many people who ranked high in search engines to drop very low or completely out. Not many people understand how this algorithm works but there are many speculations based on the sites that were ousted and those that ranked high in that period. Most online marketers believe that the system was put in place to ensure that they used Google’s AdWords PPC technique and therefore increase income for Google. This is being done by filtering all commercial sites and leaving research sites to rank higher. To maintain their initial PageRank levels, commercial sites would have to pay Google to use their PPC techniques. This claim, however, was not validated as Google keeps algorithm systems as secrets to avoid spamming and PageRank manipulation techniques.

Big Daddy Google Algorithm Update:
The Big Daddy update is a change in the way Google stores its network of data. It uses these networks to yield search query results by indexing websites and therefore sharing the work that could have been left to one server. The Big Daddy update has new codes that it uses to calculate relevance of web pages. This update focuses more on data centers than it does on rankings and therefore has very little effect on a website’s PageRank. This update mainly focuses on detecting spam and getting rid of it. It also paves way for Google to advance their algorithms and expand their databases. Big Daddy also makes it possible for Google to categorize documents based on context to yield better and related search results. It provides users with a broader base of results that are more related to each other and therefore reduces their search times by nearly half.

Hilltop, Florida and Big Daddy have all been implemented by Google to ensure that website owners channel their content to users as opposed to search engines. This means that internet users do not have to search for too long before they find what they are looking for.


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