Top 40 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid


We all want our pages to rank well in search engine and in the process try to overdo or under do certain aspects of search engine optimization techniques. These are very small and simple mistakes we do intentionally and unintentionally but end up ranking poorly in search engines. Below is a list to do’s and don’ts for proper search engine optimization:

Title and Meta Tags

  1. Ignoring the Title Tag
  2. Duplicate title tags
  3. Auto generated title tags
  4. Improper use of Meta Tags or Site without Meta Tags
  5. Same/similar meta description on more than one pages

Linking Strategy

  1. Links to and from Bad Sites
  2. Link Acquisition Speed
  3. Broken links
  4. Mismanaged internal link juice
  5. Exchanging links (if you are not cautious)
  6. Poor Use of Internal Anchor Text
  7. Similar Anchor Text

URL Structure

  1. No Canonical Redirect
  2. Page Cloaking
  3. Ignoring URLs
  4. Bad redirects
  5. Dynamic URL


  1. Pseudo Duplicate Content
  2. Duplicate Content Pages
  3. Thin Content Pages
  4. Poorly written of Content
  5. Content getting buried over time

Design and Usability

  1. Invisible Text & Links
  2. Invalid HTML
  3. Use Crawler Unfriendly Development Methods
  4. Ignoring Images
  5. Using framesets
  6. Picking a Poor Content Management System
  7. Poor site usability
  8. Having too much Graphics in your page
  9. Incorrectly Designed Websites
  10. alt tags


  1. Stuffing Keywords in the content
  2. Use of Untargeted Keywords and Phrases
  3. Focus on more then 2-3 keywords in a page

Others but important elements

  1. Not Starting Early Enough
  2. Traffic Generation
  3. Shadow Domains
  4. robots.txt oops
  5. Over-Optimized Pages
  6. Neglecting a site map
  7. Not Investing in Site Promotion

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