How to Make Money Blogging?


money bloggingMany people have turned to online marketing to make money. One of the fastest growing ways they are doing this is by creating blog pages and making money out of them. However, some people are not making quite as much as they would like and are in search of techniques they can employ to ensure they make more money from their blogs.

Choosing the Niche
One way to do this is using the flagship technique. This technique requires users to put in much time to ensure that it works. It entails focusing on a selected number of blogs from a certain niche. This means putting as much time as possible to ensure that the blog is popular and generates as much traffic as possible. This technique attracts direct advertisers to the site because they know that their products will be viewed by internet users. Flagship technique works for people who have the niche knowledge, networking ability and the patience to ensure a blog is well-fed.

Pay Per Post
Another way people can make money from blogging is by using the pay per post technique. It involves creating individual blog pages and building up their PageRank values then submitting them on blog websites that pay users for every blog they post. The amount paid per post will be based on the popularity of the blog and its PageRank value.

Automated Blogging
Automated blogging is another way people use to make money. This involves creating blogs that automatically get content from news sources, search engines and RSS feeds and uses that as content for the blog. Users can include a link back to the original content to avoid infringing copyrights. Website owners make money from Google AdSense and other affiliate programs and should have as many blogs as possible to capitalize on income.

Selling Text Links
Bloggers can also make money by selling text links to websites that are trying to build their Google PageRank. When using this technique, Bloggers need to focus on a particular niche to ensure that building PageRank is the priority. Bloggers can either buy pre-existing links that already have high PageRank to resell or they can build their own PageRank and sell the links. This technique works best for people who have already built their PageRank and have focused on one particular niche and therefore have a reliable and guaranteed audience.

Focus on High Paying Keywords/Topics
Other Bloggers create blogs using expensive keywords and then set up affiliate programs or Google AdSense and lets the blog generate the income automatically. Expensive keywords are not very popularly used but when used, they more often than not generate into sales. In order to get keyword rich content, most Bloggers sub-contract professional writers to provide them with content and therefore reduces the amount of work required to make money on the blog.

Most techniques used to make money on blogs can be used together with others and therefore capitalize on this. However, Bloggers should be careful not to venture into too many money-making techniques as they may lose focus on all of them and therefore make little or no money.


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