Why set up Goals?


goalsSetting up goals is very essential to win. Without goals one is working towards an aimless achievement. When goals are set one works very hard to achieve them. If there are no goals, then the purpose to win is defeated. No doubt, you may win an award or gain recognition, but the goal to win needs to be there to attain that.

How goals help one to win?

  • One gets motivated.
  • One is clear of what lies ahead.
  • There is a purpose and meaning behind what one is doing.
  • One works hard to achieve them.

Is goal setting difficult?
Generally not, as one knows what one wants to achieve; but at times it is difficult as the end may be difficult to attain. One may come across many hurdles and bottlenecks. Also one has to be clear about what one wants. Any ambiguity means, one is not sure of one’s goals. Also being a competitive world, one has to set up realistic goals which one can achieve.

Is it easy to attain goals?
Certainly not. One has to persevere very hard. One must be determined to reach the set goals. Any laxity may result in failure to attain those goals. Many business establishments start out with set goals but fail to reach them and suffer from losses. Those which work devotedly and are able to invest well to attain those goals reap dividends.

Does it help to have goal oriented outlook?
One is more clear cut in what one wants if goals are set. One can strategize well and also plan out financial and other administrative costs. Staff can be motivated to work towards a particular goal. They also feel responsible in what they are doing and identify themselves with the organization.

Not only business establishments work on the basis of goals, even other professionals prefer goals to be set up. An athlete would like to win certain number of feats. An actor would like to perform in certain number of well appreciated films to feel that he or she has made a remarkable mark in his or her respective field. An author would like to publish certain number of books.

Goals are thus very essential for a person to achieve anything. It is meaningless otherwise to work or contribute. A sense of achievement has to be felt and that is possible if goals are reached.


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