Why be Well Groomed? – Importance of being Well Groomed


In today’s work culture. One is expected to be well-groomed. Even otherwise, a well groomed person is received well by his peer group members. Society also looks up to a person whose appearance is presentable.

Importance of being well groomed
A person who is off to an interview has to ensure that he or she is well groomed. The prospective employer will always assess a person by his or her grooming habits as well.

A sales person dealing with his or her client has to be presentable in order to impress upon his or her customers. A doctor has to look neat and tidy to impress upon his or her patients. A shabby look may put off a patient. A model has too look gorgeous at all times. Her appearance has to be up to the mark. Even the same level of grooming is expected of male models.

What comprises being well groomed?

  • One must wear the right combination of clothes. They must not look showy in case the profession does not require so. A jarringly dressed salesperson may not attract a customer. A soberly dressed person may appear to be a gentleman.
  • Hair should be in perfect shape. An odd hairdo may put off a person. A person who has not had a hair-cut for a very long time may appear very shabby and uncouth. A working woman must ensure that her hairstyle does not stand out. It should gel with her overall personality.
  • Nails must be well cut and shaped. A prospective employer notices the would be employee’s hand while shaking it. It also reflects how meticulous a prospective employee is if he or she ensures that his or her nails are in proper shape.
  • For a working woman, make-up must be done carefully. Bright lipsticks may not appear to be attractive. Make-up must be subtle and attractive looking. Excessive make-up must be avoided. The natural look maybe preferred. Of course, at party one choose the make-up according to the occasion. Bold make-up would look good if one was at a disco-party or for an evening outing. In the daytime, the natural look may look good.
  • Accessories must be well selected. The jewelry one wears must not look odd. It should match the attire. One must be careful with the kind of shoes one wears. People do notice the feet.

One must be well groomed in a competitive job market scenario. Even in personal life, your relationships improve if you take care of your appearance.


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