Why and How to Control Anger?


control anger

Anger is the worst emotion that one can express. It puts off people. How irritating a given situation maybe, many people control their anger, particularly in public, as they do not want to lower their self-image.

Anger is a negative emotion. It can do much physical as well psychological damage to our body system. When we are angry, our blood pressure goes up and obviously our heart has to pump more blood to the brain. Psychologically, we are in an irritable mood and come across as a foul-mouthed person.

To be successful in our professional dealings we often have to control our emotions, particularly our temper. For example, a salesman has to do a lot of convincing talk and as the customer may be difficult to handle. He or she may get irritated and might feel like expressing displeasure towards the customer. Nevertheless, the sales person has to control his or her temper at all cost or else he or she may lose out on the customer.

Even diplomats have to exercise restraint over their temper in their dealings. They have to put across messages in a charming manner without offending the other person, even if they hate the person.

Bad effects of anger

  • Relationships get affected.
  • Blood pressure increases.
  • Heart beats faster.
  • Mental stress as well as depression.
  • Migraine.
  • Headaches.
  • Chest pain.
  • Can damage the heart. One can suffer from a heart attack.
  • Addiction to smoking, alcohol and drugs to express anger.

How to control anger?

  • Count to ten before saying something.
  • Meditation.
  • Close the eyes and deep breath whenever your feel like being angry.
  • Close your fists by touching the nails to your palm.
  • Try to forgive others. Clear understandings and try to forgive others.
  • Try to place yourself in the other person’s position with whom you are angry. How would you feel if someone got angry at you.
  • Talk to your close friends and see if the problem can be solved.
  • Try doing innovative things like kicking a ball, playing with a ball. Making something out of paper.
  • Wash the face with cold water when you are about to lose your temper.
  • Each day tell yourself you will not get angry at anyone.
  • Do not think you are always correct. It is not a question of who is right, but doing the task properly.
  • Respect others feelings.
  • Review the given situation properly before reacting.
  • Go in for yoga for stress management.
  • Control a professional if you are unable to manage.

One must practice the art of love. It is always good to be caring and loving rather than being critical and angry at others all the time. The world around you will be beautiful if you control your anger. Your relationship with others will be very cordial.



  1. “Control a professional if you are unable to manage.”

    I have tried controlling professionals based on the above recommendation, but it just gets me more angry. They don’t like being controlled. What should I do?

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