What is Politeness?


Politeness helps us to communicate better. In today’s modern world, much interaction takes place at both personal and professional level. One has to deal with all kinds of people of different temperaments. A person who can get along well with others is successful in life. For this one has to be polite.

What is Politeness?
Maintaining proper etiquette and speaking properly to a person without offending him or her is politeness. One must not be rude or offensive. One must use proper words to convey something. Foul language can put off a person. Also one has to be choosy about words while conveying something. Whatever has to be conveyed has to be conveyed in a subtle manner.

Why be Polite?
Dealing with people is not easy. Business deals, personal interactions, workplace intermingling all require certain conversational skills. One has to get along with the other person. Teamwork may be required at times. A manager has to deal with his or her staff. All these communication forms require a person to be polite. Rudeness can make business deals difficult to settle, or even at personal level one may face rough weather if one offends the other person.

World over much business, trade transactions, and diplomatic ties are carried out. Such dealings require a person to be polite and courteous to get the work done. If one is polite one can build up friendly ties.

Consequences of Politeness

  • One is more popular.
  • People are friendlier towards you.
  • Business transactions can be settled more easily.
  • One develops an attractive personality.
  • One is more likable.
  • Less chances of developing enemies.

Politeness indeed pays off in many ways. Others are impressed by the manner you conduct yourself. They reach out to you. You can communicate better. Differences can be settled easily. There are several institutes which train a person in how to be polite.



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