Top 10 ways to Charm your way through


We need to interact with others on a daily basis, be it in our personal lives or official. The fact remains that we need to get along with the other person. Our personality matters. How we speak and address the other person makes a lot of difference in establishing a rapport. Here charm helps.

What is charm?
It is the attractive side of our personality to win over people. Our manner of speaking, our body language and words that we choose to convey our feelings and thoughts all make a difference in striking a long-lasting relationship.

A charming person is well liked by everybody. He is she is like a magnet who attracts others. It is easy to get along with a charming person. They are usually amiable, friendly and happy-go-lucky types.

Tips to be charming

  • Sincerity is very essential – One must come across as a genuine person. Superficiality in what you do and say can put off a person.
  • Eye-contact – Maintain eye-contact at all times. Even if the other person looks the other way one must continue to look in his or her eyes. Sincere feelings for the other person must be conveyed.
  • Handshake – A firm handshake and a good grip of the other person’s hand must reflect how sincere you are in liking the other person. Do not be overzealous.
  • Wit – This also helps in one being charming. Occasional short comments that are funny and witty can attract the other person.
  • Knowledge – A charming person must be good conversationalist. He or she must have lots of knowledge about various subjects. Good conversation is essential while being charming.
  • Subject of the other person – The other person must be the center of attraction. The conversation preferably must revolve around him or her. People like being talked about nicely.
  • Good manners – These are essential to maintain a good rapport with the other person. One must not forget them.
  • Avoid selfishness – One must not be selfish. One must think of the needs of the other person. Caring for the other person is essential.
  • Friendly disposition – One must appear friendly and not cold. Breaking the ice between yourself and the other person is essential.

Charm opens many doors. A charming person is well received by others. It is easy for him or her to make a niche in society for him or herself.



  1. Charmstudent on

    Why is it important to have knowledge when you’re being charming? Shouldn’t you be more of a listener? I think if you pay good attention to a person that’s much more charming that spouting about whatever you might know. What are your thoughts on this?

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