The Knack of Conveying – Articulation


The art of conveying things is very essential in this modern day and age. One has to be articulate. The ability of converse well is very essential in daily communication, be it at home or at workplace. We must convey things effectively. In other words, the other person must appreciate what you say.

One is judged by the impact one makes on another person in his or her dealings. It is not easy to convince another person about what you believe in. The choice of words has to be effective. One has an endearing personality if one is able to communicate well to others. Orators, for example, are admired for their speeches and are listened to by many. Political personalities have to speak well in public and also to leave behind a lasting impression and also to make an impact on policy matters.

In modern times of ours, one needs to be articulate. One must be able to interact well with others and also deal and associate with them effectively. Effective communication is an essential part of one’s life in the present competitive age. If one is unable to convey things well he or she finds it difficult to climb the ladder of success.

Why should one articulate?

  • To impress upon.
  • In order to convey things effectively.
  • One can get one’s things done.
  • Enhances public image.
  • Improves relationships.

How to improve one’s articulation?

  • One can attend speech courses.
  • Observing others speeches helps.
  • Associating with those well versed in oratory is good.
  • One must improve one’s language abilities for better choice of words.
  • Media exposure.

Benefits of good articulation

  • Improves self image.
  • Effective speaker.
  • Better public dealings.
  • Improves relationships.
  • Can settle deals quickly.

It is indeed an advantage to be a well articulated person. One can achieve much in life by conveying things effectively.


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