The Art of Diplomacy


In modern day and age, one has to practice diplomacy as it is essential to get one’s way in a world that is highly competitive. What you say matters a lot. One has to be careful while conveying issues as they would have an impact on one’s surroundings. Building up of personal relationships depends upon your choice of words, how you convey them to the concerned person.

Why be diplomatic?
It is essential to be diplomatic as what we convey does influence others actions. Much has to be accomplished in our daily lives, and we need to interact with others in order to achieve it. We may have to convince others and also get our way.

In the arena of international politics, much is conveyed diplomatically. Countries have to foster relations between each other and naturally they have to be very careful in their public dealings. Diplomacy plays an important role in striking deals. Senior leaders of various countries do not convey much in their talks. They have to be careful in what they say. They do not reveal or convey everything. They play with words. In fact, they do a lot of “sweet talk”.

Advantages of being diplomatic

  • It pays off to be diplomatic.
  • One is able to win over people.
  • Keep enemies at bay.
  • Settle disputes amicably.
  • Also it makes you more closer to people as you are less likely to offend them

Disadvantages of being diplomatic

  • You may not come across as a genuine person.
  • People may not believe in what you say.
  • Others may behave cautiously towards you.
  • One may not appear as a warm person.

How to cultivate diplomacy?
Of ten the art of diplomacy is innate in one’s personality. From childhood itself they learn to be diplomatic, as their parent speak in that manner. For those who are unable to be diplomatic, they can learn from speech making courses which teach them about how to convey things.

Many institutions conduct courses in speech making. They teach students how to convey effectively in few words. Even in universities students take up courses in speech making and in conversation techniques. Many would like to learn how to make conversation in public dealings. Many people who socialize a lot do attend such courses in order to be more popular on the social circuit front.

Diplomacy is essential in our personal as well as official dealing with others. One can get messages across more effectively.



  1. Hi Amitabh,

    Great article. I am fan of diplomacy. I believe that if people start speaking their mind always, they could go on to regret it, and they might not be able to achieve their objective. Diplomacy is great tool to remain approachable and troble shoot problems over the period of time.

    You can negate disadvantages mentioned above by being diplomatic, yet honest and genuine. See if you dont want to speak your mind, you can remain silent. It doesnt mean you are fake or hypocrat.

  2. Diplomacy seems to be a good way to get people to think your way. But I think that if everyone used it all the time no one would know what to believe. Yes, in polotics it is extremely useful to get things done other than through war, but on a day-to-day basis. . . well people would just think that you are a manipulator. The way I see it, people should only use diplomacy to avoid major conflict. Conflicts are just a part of life, and if someone can’t put up with it, then they are in for a long time of silence on their part. The article was very informative, thank you.

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