The Art of Diplomacy – How and Why


A good conversationalist is successful in life. The art of speaking has to be cultivated and practiced upon in order to be able to communicate well to others. Some people are frank, but yet this does not pay at all times. Diplomacy helps overcome a particular situation or problem. One needs to be tactful at times in what he or she is conveying.

The art of diplomacy is a practice adhered to by the international community in its dealing with each other. Diplomats from various countries handle business and political and cultural issues on diplomatic plane. Cordial relations have to be maintained between countries and naturally a country has to be very careful in what it communicates to the world with regard to its views about other country’s affairs.

How to be Diplomatic?

  • One has to think twice before conveying something.
  • Be careful not to hurt the sentiments of the other person or offend him or her in any manner.
  • One must not convey everything. Certain things are better not said.
  • One must be able to cultivate even enemies by being diplomatic. Often nations which are not on friendly ties try to improve their relations through diplomatic ties.
  • Convey the maximum feelings in minimum words.
  • Talk less and let the other person also have his or her say for you to assess what is in his or her mind. Accordingly, you are in better position to convey your thoughts better.
  • Keep in mind the other person’s cultural milieu before conveying anything. This way there are less chances of offending a person.

Not everybody is a good diplomat. Few are able to master the art. Those who do are very successful in their lives.

Why be Diplomatic?

  • One is able to get along with people.
  • One can win over his or her enemies.
  • A difficult situation can be handled adeptly.
  • One is less offensive.
  • One cares for the others’ sentiments and feelings.
  • One learns to convey what is essentially required.
  • Easy to do business.

Diplomacy is required in most of our dealings be it personal or official. Even nations depend upon it for their survival. It can be cultivated.


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