Inkblot Test for Personality


Inkblot test for personality has been used since the 15th century. Though the origin of Inkblot is hard to track, it can only be linked to Rorschach’s writings. It is said to rouse the thoughts and imagination of a person. Inkblot test for personality aims to illustrate characteristic of a persons attitude and with that, it will show the persons pattern of performance, ideas and feelings. During the year 18th century, Dearborn publicized the results of the test he made with a group of sixteen partakers, wherein he applied the inkblot test for personality. He used twelve sets of ink blots with ten blots that are alike in nature.

Inkblot test was a hit especially in Europe during the latter part of the 19th and early 20th century. They did not consider it as a personality test but a fun game to play. It is associated with parlor games named “Blotto”, it is an intellectual game that the players are shown inkblot images and they have to connect it with other designs and pictures. This is a fun game that will test your mind as to how fast you think and how creative your mind is. The truth of the matter is that not all have the eye for describing things such as blots and other abstracts. Some people are just so imaginative that they can form anything in their mind by just looking at a picture or any form.

Though there are different kinds of personality tests, inkblot test for personality is the most popular and effective in assessing a person’s character. Inkblot test are scored by means of normative or ipsative method. However, the meaning and result of the test are hard to translate directly. Hence, the creator of the inkblot personality test constructs norms in order to supply a relative source for translating the results of the scores. Interpreting results of ink blot test is difficult and may take time decoding it, but everything can be learned. With proper knowledge and education, one will know the way in unraveling the results of the tests.

Ink blot test for personality is a fun way to know the behavioral pattern of a person. It is relatively easy to make your own inkblot test; all you need is a clean white paper and an ink. Pour the ink in the middle of the paper and fold it crosswise or lengthwise and then open it to see what you have made. Although you are not a professional to really interpret the answers, you and your friends can still have fun with it.

There is certainly a lot of different ways to check the results of the ink blot personality test. How ever or what ever you opt to use for checking, what’s important is to get the exact result which is reliable and valid. Just keep in mind that only professionals can interpret the results of the inkblot. Interpreting it for fun is ok but it should not affect other people’s personality and feelings.


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