Latest Updates in Mobile Advertising


SMS GupShup, one of the leading mobile community platforms in India from Webaroo has received $11 million investment from Helion Ventures and Charles River Ventures. SMS GupShup provides free SMS/SMS based group service.

Myxer to offers $5 Million In Advertising completely free. Well, almost: Mobile content based website Myxer is going to launch a program under which it is going to offer $5000 worth of free advertising on its website to 1000 cell phone stores. The catch is that these stores must promote Myxer in their stores.

Gigafone is offering full screen mobile content with each incoming call and SMS. Their solution is integrated with operator mobile handset.

Marketers in India are targeting rural market population in an innovative way. They are pushing voice based advertisements on mobile phones in regional language that could language and literacy barriers which otherwise is not possible via other media.

What is SMS 2.0? SMS 2.0 is an application through which users could send SMS via their mobile phones. Once the message is sent, instead of “Message Sent” screen user would get full screen message with text which will include news and advertisements.

Google SMS Channel: Google is testing waters for its new SMS service in India before going full fledged launch worldwide. It lets mobile user subscribe to blog updates, news alerts, jokes, stocks etc. via SMS messages. Currently there is a limit to 10 messages a day and Google says that service is advertisement free for time being. Well, I feel it will be only free till it is launched worldwide.

Google SMS Channels


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  1. WOW! I was not aware of “Google SMS Channel”. I am going to check it out now. So, Google was not able to refrain from jumping into SMS Advertising.

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