Google PowerMeter Launched in UK


google powermeter

Consumers in UK could now access Google PowerMeter which is an online software that would tell them how much electricity their house is using. The online software receives this information from the electricity management meters and displays it to the user’s personal iGoogle homepage.

Google has partnered with first:utility, which supplies free smart meters to its consumers in UK. first:utility has now 30,000 users. According to first:utility’s Chief Executive, Mark Daeche, “At the end of the day, if you can’t measure and view your energy use, it’s very difficult to make savings.” The customers using first:utility meters could access their electricity consumption data starting early November.

Google has also partnered with AlertMe, another consumer device manufacturer in UK. AlertMe users could access their home’s data through Google PowerMeter on their iGoogle homepage from today. According to Pilgrim Beart, founder and CEO of AlertMe, “Our partnership with Google PowerMeter puts your home energy consumption right in front of you every time you go online.”

Now it is upto the consumers how much benefits they can get out of this service. One thing is for sure that this service is going to inspire people to save electricity which is much required in the era of global warming.


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