Funpiper gets Twitter integration


twitfunrWe love Twitter. In the competitive space of internet offering the latest to the users is advantageous. Funpiper is one of the first event planning website which has integrated twitter into its application.

The cool little feature is going to integrate event planning with your twitter account. Now one could update twitter while planning events. This helps to:

  • Post event information on twitter
  • Event messages are posted from personalized event page.
  • Event proceedings could also be broadcasted live on twitter along with your personalized event page.

It will help to let followers of a twitter account to be in the loop. Now all the followers would be able to know about all the fun from planning to event day. This is also going to help in promoting an event.

This could be useful for all kinds of events including public as well as personal events. Say, you are a consulting company which organizes conference and panel discussion events on monthly basis in various cities.

Following is how funpiper helps:

  • Publish the event on funpiper and twitter, and invite your users to join the event by providing their details.
  • Once approved, you shall be communicating with your invitees using email and mobile messaging. Also, all your follower community on twitter shall
    be knowing about all the messages communicated to invitees. This is optional.
  • Your invitees could as well post messages on your event page using their mobile phones and get their doubts clarified.
  • You could broadcast the event proceedings on funpiper as well as twitter and let all your follower community know about the event live.

Started: July 4, 2007
Office: Hyderabad, India

Funpiper is a event planning web 2.0 website that integrates event planning with localized content powered by sms messaging.



  1. Thanks for covering twitfunr. It intends to avoid users to do event planning using one site and, update twitter separately about event or party information.

    With twitfunr, you get both facility on funpiper!

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