Wireless Phones Change Brain Chemical Levels


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Wireless phones that we use do affect the functioning of the brain. They, in fact, impact the brain biologically. It is of course a bit too early to say if causes any health risk. This has been highlighted in Swedish medical research report.

Fredrik Soderqvist, Orebro University, analyzed the blood samples from the adult wireless phone users and had discovered that they had increased levels of the protein known as transthyretin, which is found in the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier protecting our brain against any harmful substances existing in the blood system.

Based on findings, one can observe that our brain gets affected by the microwaves emanating from the cell phones as well other wireless telephones. These can cause other unknown effects claims Soderqvist, who had carried out the research for his doctoral thesis.

He said that children and teenagers as well as others must use these cell phones carefully. “Children may be more sensitive than adults to radiation from wireless phones” says Soderqvist in news release from the university.

He also carried out a survey for his thesis of wireless phone users about self-health and also found that children as well as teens who regularly made use of such devices suffered more problems pertaining to health. He also gave lower rating for these users with regard to their well-being as compared to those who did not use them.

Soderqvist further says,” The connection was strongest regarding headaches, asthmatic complaints, and impaired concentration.” He also says, “more research is needed to exclude the effects of other factors and sources of error, even though it is difficult to see how this connection could be fully explained, especially among children and adolescents.”

Soderqvist also observed that the “threshold (safety) valves in place today protects us from warming, a so-called thermal effect .But if there are mechanisms that are independent of warming, it is not certain that today’s thresholds provide protection. And it maybe that these effects that will not be perceived until later on in the future.”

Source: healthfinder.gov


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