SMS Messaging Mania


Remember the time? Michael Jackson released a single in 1993 with this phrase and started a whole new Egyptian dance step with the video starring himself, Michael Jordan and the supermodel Eman. Well, the question being asked is do you remember the olden days of just two decades ago when you scribbled messages on paper and then sent them as postal messages or wireless messages? When more than the message, the stamps aroused your curiosity? Those days are past. Now you can reach out to anyone, anywhere in the world within seconds with SMS Messaging.

The mobile telecom revolution has put the benefits of constantly advancing technology. Now you can speak, write, send, receive read and otherwise stay connected with the world. The telephone today is generations advanced from that available even a decade ago. Just like the rotary dial and the numeric pager went into oblivion, the plain old electronic phone is a dodo. Because a telephone does much more than just receive or transmit voices. It stores voice mail, records incoming messages, sends and receives text messages,

SMS Messages is a product of the brave new world, where technology is king, and every minute one gets to see something new. Just ten years ago, it seemed one had the pleasure to phone even while on the move, thanks to the cell phone. The Next Generation appears to have been born with a mobile phone glued to its ears. Their thumbs have grown calluses from the incessant jabbing at the soft keys! Clinics have sprung up in the metropolitan cities, equipped with trained specialists to treat teenagers suffering from mobile phone addiction and specially texting addiction!

However SMS Messaging has proved to be a big boon to organizations and societies who have to contact people at regular intervals. Shopping giants, cinema chains, theatres, hospitals, clinics, libraries, courts and radio, television and newspapers, practically everyone everywhere requires this service. Bulk SMS Messaging.

SMS Messaging is easy, convenient, instant, and needs just seconds to reach its destination. Messages can be crisp and easily understood; hence most SMS Messages are well within 150 characters. One can even send photos, videos, audio clips and text messages via the SMS Messaging facility.

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