Your Career or Personal Life


Career pursuits are essential both for men and women. Traditionally, men undertook vocational pursuits as they felt they were the sole bread earners. Now, women are also very much interested in career pursuits as they feel they are independent to take their own decisions concerning their lives and earn their living.

Opportunities are manifold. Women now have much to choose from. They need not do just a job. They can go in for hi-fi professions such as flying an aircraft, working as police officers and joining the armed forces. Men also have varied choice of professions to choose from. Earlier professions were mostly limited to teaching, medicine and law and order as well as administration. Now, one can pursue a career in information technology, various disciplines of engineering and so on and so forth.

Career pursuits are fine. But can one pursue a career at the expense of one’s personal life ? Where does one draw a line? Let us observe this.

Career and Personal Life

  • One has to maintain a balance between the two. One must not neglect one’s personal life.
  • One has to get one’s priorities right. Spending valuable time with partner and the children is essential while pursuing a career. Women have to take care of the children, cook at home and also please their husbands. It is definitely a tough job to balance career and personal life. Many women are doing it successfully.
  • One is working to support oneself and one’s family. One enjoys what one is doing, but one is also earning to meet the requirements of the family.
  • One must not neglect one’s health. Hard work is good but the profession is not everything in one’s life. One must not over work.
  • Time needs to be taken for leisure activities. One must develop hobbies such as sports, games etc.

How to Balance Career and Personal Life?

  • Time management is essential. One must allocate sufficient time for the family despite work pressures.
  • Quality time to be spent with family. Family needs your time.
  • Treat career as a means to earn one’s livelihood and to channelize one’s aspirations. It must not be the end in itself.
  • Explain the pressures of your work to the family. They will understand provided you do take some time when they need you.
  • Go on holiday once in while and spend valuable time with the family.

Career is no doubt a must these days as many opportunities are available to choose from.. Well paying professions are there for one to dabble in. Yet one must also ensure that one does not neglect one’s personal commitments.


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  1. I do agree that career and personal life needs to be balanced, but at times one has to take precedent over the other. For example, if you want to make money now to buy a bigger house later– then more work is needed. It all comes down to why you are setting your goals as well. Thanks for the post!

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