Why Women Should have a Career?


Growing urbanization and industrialization has necessitated women to work. Inflation has caught on these days and recession at present is giving a tough time to people who are finding it difficult to meet both ends. In a family both husband and wife have to work to maintain a decent standard of living and provide good education and medical needs as well as other amenities for their family.

Women now aspire for a challenging life. They know they have to work, and career seems to be a better option rather than taking on any job to supplement their income. It is a difficult choice as they have to manage both their home and work. The responsibility of taking care of children can make a career difficult to deal with. Nevertheless, they want to utilize their talents to best extent possible.

Many women choose to be single and prefer a career. They divert their time and energy into a profession of their choice.

Career and women

  1. Women prefer to have career as it channelizes their talents and makes best use of their education.
  2. Career is a better option as compared to an ordinary job.
  3. Economic compulsions also force women to pursue an avocation. Women have to earn to supplement the family income.
  4. Single woman vigorously pursue their career. They prefer to be independent.
  5. Educational levels of women have gone up. They now would like to make best use of their education.
  6. Governments are encouraging the fairer sex to participate in economy building and other developmental activities.
  7. Women have become more assertive. They are now considering to be equal to men in all spheres of activities.
  8. Men are also accepting women as their colleagues in various professions with ease and comfort. Resentment is much less now and acceptance more.
  9. Media also eulogizes working women. It fights for equal rights of women in professional pursuits. It is an advantage for women to have media on their side.
  10. Wide array of professions to choose from traditional as well as non-traditional.

Career is becoming a top priority for women, particularly for women who are single. Women are more independent now and are in a position to take their own decisions. They like to lead their life on their own terms. Pursuing a profession gives them tremendous choice to be independent.


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  1. Amitabh Shukla,
    Want to commend you for a job well done. I bumped into your site and believe you me, I have more than been thrilled with the indepth you have researched on the subject of entrepreneurship. I have recently ventured into a business of training the community in basic computer packages and related services with the view of empowering the community with computer knowldge as well as raising their awareness. I live in a community that is riddled with so much poverty and high level of dependence syndrom. So instead of me and a few others appearing to have something to share, this thought came into me that I start something of this kind at village level and build my way up.
    Just by reading some of the topics which I have so far read from your site, you talk of a mentor? am already seeing one in you.
    I invested all that I could raise in a handful of computers and some office equipment, and hardly left anything aside for working capital. Its an uphill task but I wont let go. I am determined to forge ahead, and now beginning to learn from you, I will see to it that I dont make some of the common mistakes that other startups have made without mentors.
    Best wishes in your work.

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