Top 10 Parameters to Select a Career


Professional choices have to be made in life. Both men and women have to decide upon a career which suits their taste and temperament. The number of people coming into workforce has increased due to economic pressures. Even women have entered the job market to earn some extra income for the family. Many women have opted for a career and have remained single out of choice.

One cannot take on work without set goals. One has to decide the nature of work to take on and choose a profession that can accommodate their skills and talents. Embarking on a career of which one has no knowledge per se could mean disaster at workplace. Without requisite know how one cannot be efficient in one’s work.

How to make the right career choice?

  1. Selection process – One must choose the profession that one likes and choose one that is suitable to their temperament. One will excel in one’s work if one undertakes a work that is preferred by them.
  2. Acquire information about the career – It is very essential to know what one is getting into. Every profession requires certain training and expertise. One must be sure that one is in a position to taken on the responsibility.
  3. Acquire these skills – It may involve spending money on acquiring the necessary skills. You must have the necessary financial resources to learn and get trained for the career.
  4. Discuss with peers – It is good to get proper understanding of the career on hand to understand its nuances and pitfalls. One can discuss these issues with your parents, teachers or friends or those already in the profession.
  5. Self- evaluation – One must make an assessment of one’s abilities. Over confidence does not help. Also, one must not underestimate one’s ability. One must be aware of what kind of work one can undertake. There is no point in taking on a profession which does not suit your temperament.
  6. Assess the job market – It is better to assess the job market to ascertain the feasibility of a particular job choice. One must be fully aware whether there is any future growth in the profession and whether it pays well. It is difficult to get a job in a profession, which is well in demand as many trained people will be in the job market.
  7. Seek advice – Counselors in college are there to guide you as to which career choice you must make. It is good to seek expert opinion on the matter.
  8. Acquiring necessary skills – It is necessary to find out where you can acquire the requisite skills. It is good to attend reputed institutes to get trained.
  9. Meet those already in the profession – It is good to interact with those who are already in the profession. One can familiarize oneself with the nitty-gritty of the profession.
  10. Coping up capacity – One must be able to handle the profession with ease. There is no point in becoming a pilot if you are nervous about heights. In case you detest teaching, then one should avoid being a teacher. If you are sensitive to chemicals, then must keep away from work that involves the use of chemicals.

Choosing a career is a very important exercise. One must be careful before making a choice. Choosing a wrong career can prove to be a disaster.


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