Top 10 Coping up Mechanisms with Competition


It is not easy to be a professional that too an efficient one. One has to perform one’s task well as one is competing with other working associates. In modern world, one is faced with cut-throat competition. Employers choose the best.

Any employee has to put in his or her best in work. He or she cannot just take it easy. The managers expect good quality within a prescribed time period. Assessments are done on the basis of performance and salary hikes would be carried out accordingly.

How does one cope up with work-place competition?

  • Put in your best effort. Always do not underestimate your potential.
  • Assess others colleagues. See how capable they are and what their strong points are. If you can try to learn from them.
  • Accept you colleagues as a challenge. Do not resent them as it would breed negativity in you.
  • Set targets for the day. Try to complete your required work as per deadline. At times, you may carry over work, but it is advisable to complete it as quickly as possible.
  • Be positive about your work. One must like what one is doing. Enjoying one’s work makes it easier to perform.
  • Clarify your doubts. Do not decide for yourself. Let the boss know that you do not understand a particular concept or tasks very well. One need not feel bad about. It is always better to sort out ambiguities about work.
  • Speed should be there, but not at the cost of quality. One should be able to balance the two.
  • Maintain cordial relations with your colleagues. Team work spirit is essential for one to feel comfortable at work place.
  • Know your limitations. Do not take on more than you can handle. Healthy competition is good, but at the same time one must be aware of one’s limitations.
  • Be in the good books of your boss. One must not offend him in anyway. Try you best to meet up to his or her expectations. Try to accommodate his or her nature. Do not confront him or her any issue. As far as possible to appreciate what he or she is saying. In case you differ, do put across your opinion, but do come across as being the know-in-all person.

One has to face up to stiff competition these days at work place. It is inevitable. Be sure of your abilities and put in your best efforts as far as possible. Do not over-estimate or underestimate yourself.


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