Parental Responsibility in Selecting a Career


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Parents in the present times have a major role to play in helping their child decide his or her future career. No doubt, the child has to make his or her own decisions, but timely guidance and mature advice helps them to take on a course of action that would brighten up their future prospects.

Why parent’s advice is required?
Children are often confused as to what they should do. Of course, peer pressure often makes them decide upon a particular career. Yet they need some mature advice as to what is the right course of action. Most young people these days do not like their parents to interfere in their decision-making, yet they do not mind what they have to say about a given situation.

Parental opinion helps them to sort out their confusion. Of course, they are unable to decide which career to choose. Here parents are able to sort out the confusion in their minds by informing them about the positive and negative aspects of a particular career.

Children are always apprehensive about the future- what their life will be if they choose a particular career goal path. Will they enjoy prosperity? Will they face failure? Parents have to show much concern to their worries and try to explain to them that whatever they choose would be for their own good as the decision is their own.

Do children dislike parental interference in career matters?
Despite children wanting their parents to guide them, yet they would like to take their own decisions. They generally do not like to be told what to do. They do seek advice, but the final decision is theirs. They like to be independent of their parents.

In some countries, particularly in the East, parents do a play role in the decision-making process of their children. But in the West, children despise too much parental interference. Nowadays, even in the East, modern cultural trends are curtailing parental involvement in the affairs of their children.

Children do need the support and mature advice of their parents, but yet they hesitate to allow them decide what career they should pursue. They like to undertake something they feel that suits them best. Parental help maybe required to clear up confusion, but only to that extent. Final decision the child makes.


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