Is Career Guidance Essential?


One has to be careful, about one’s choice of career. After all, it is a lifetime pursuit. A wrong choice could turn out to be disastrous.

Why a career?
One needs to earn one’s bread and butter. A mere job at times could be very frustrating. One would like to undertake a profession as it is more rewarding and challenging. There are several options to choose from; one can become a pilot, or a join the police force or perhaps the army. One can do business. The decision is yours. The right choice must be made of course. There must not be any regrets later.

Why career guidance?
One must seek guidance in order to make the right choice. Experts are there to guide you as to which career is good for you. They have all the required information about a particular career at their disposal. They are in a better position to tell about the pros and cons of a particular career. They can guide you as to how well suited you are for a particular avocation and also what monetary benefits you can gain from it.

Career guidance is available at professional institutes as well as in schools and colleges. Young people while pursuing their studies, make inquiries about the career they can pursue. In schools and colleges much awareness is created about the career one can pursue and choices they have at their disposal. Young minds often vacillate. They are unable to decide for themselves.

Parental guidance is also very good for young people who are at crossroads of deciding upon a career. Elders are mature and are able to guide their children better as to what kind of work they could take up after they complete their education.

Most of us have to work these days due to inflation. One bread earner is not sufficient in a household. Two people have to earn. Naturally, career has become part of one’s life now. Even women have to work. So making the best choice of the kind of work one wants to do is good.



  1. gurjeet singh saluja on

    I am 38 years old graduate. I am doing private job in luggage bag firm. I am not satisfied with my present job. Please tell me which options are open for me job or business . Should I try any secure job or start any business at this age

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